Carnegie Mellon University

CMU Community Picnic

Hosted by Human Resources and Staff Council with support from the Office of the President

The CMU Community Picnic on May 15, 2024 honored the vital contributions campus community members make to the  university. This year's picnic featured good food, an art exhibition, outdoor games, raffles and a visit from Scotty Dog.

Congratulations to this year's raffle winners!

  • HR Basket #1: CMU Swag/PNC Tickets – Stephanie Reagan, Student Affairs
  • HR Basket #2: CMU Swag/PNC Tickets – Laura Everhart, SCS
  • CFA: Art Supplies – Stacey Federoff, Marketing and Communications
  • NREC: Snack Basket – Marycatherine Dieterle, ETC
  • Robotics: Snack Basket – Neil Emmett, Mechanical Engineering
  • CIT: Kids' STEM Basket – Gary Walker, FMS
  • Libraries: CMU Swag/Miscellaneous – Grace Lewis, SEI
  • Computing Services: Movie Night – Linda Gentile, Office of International Education
  • FIRM: Picnic Basket – Jess Druga, Tepper
  • Tepper: Game Night – Jocelyn Ralutz, Advancement
  • Finance: Lemonade Basket – Yanika Reid, Mechanical Engineering
  • De Fer: Coffee/Tea – Tara Trapani, Tepper
  • Pepsi Basket – Rob Young - FMS
  • La Prima: Coffee Box – Jordan Markley, Advancement
  • Scotty’s Market Basket – Sarah Suiter, Computing Services
  • University Advancement: Wine and Dine Basket – Sarah Porter, Institutional Research and Analysis
  • Student Affairs – Shawn Early, FMS
  • Student Academic Success Center: Summer Reading – Lauren Greenwald, CIT