Carnegie Mellon University

CMU Community Art Show

  1. Sanibel Island, Summer 2022
    Steve Pajewski, Tepper Undergraduate Programs

    8x10 unframed, 13x15 framed
    Digital photograph; inkjet print on archival paper

    "We visited Sanibel Island for the first time last August, just weeks before Hurricane Ian. News of the devastation to the Island was sad and shocking. I'm glad to have had a chance to walk around its beautiful beaches with my camera."
  2. Violet Fog
    Beverly Gorman, CMU Police Department Special Investigations Unit 

    12" by 12" on 1" wrapped canvas 
    Acrylic paint — white, purple, black and metallic rose gold

    "Selling for $40. I have several other hand painted works or I can do custom pour paintings of various sizes."
  3. Summer Fruit
    Abigail Pinnow, MCS Dean's Office

    Acrylic on Canvas Panel
  4. Jimmy & Sook
    Jeffrey Flagg, Social and Decision Sciences

  5. Untitled
    Ashley Carman, Engineering Research Accelerator

    17in x 12.5in and 13in x 10 in (2 sweaters)
    Medium Used — Crochet
  6. Jasper, the Great Blue
    Justina "Tina" Marino, Development
    19 x 15

    "This past winter, a great blue heron became a daily visitor to our FL rental on the bay. He hung out with us a little longer each day. My husband Ken would toss him some fish bait, and I refreshed a large mug of water for him every day. After a while, we felt a strong need to name our bird friend — and Jasper sounded just right. In my early morning walks on the beach, I would often run into Jasper — who was always a wonderful sight to behold."
  7. Still Life Series of a Wilting Rose
    Paige Zalman, Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholar Development
    Photographs are 3.4in x 2.1in each; frame is 15.25in x 15.25in
    Instant film
  8. Tree Ring
    Gretchen Graff, University Libraries
    42" x 50"
    Block print ink on cotton fabric

    "I use nature as inspiration in my artistic works. This tree ring print was made to honor a beautiful and grand Ash tree. Sadly, it succumbed to disease. By showcasing the rings, I am appreciating the years in its life and capturing a record of its existence."
    Kelly Saavedra, University Communications & Marketing
    16 x 24
    chalk pastels
  10. "Zentangle Inspired Art"
    Rhonda Moyer, College of Engineering, Engineering Research Accelerator
    4"x6" each
    Cardstock & Sakura Micron Pens
  11. As We Are, Shakya & Kyree
    Evangeline Mensah-Agyekum, ECE

    "You can find more of my work on @evv.fotos."
  12. I loved her like the leaves
    Mica Harrison Loosemore, Office of Admission
    6.5 x 8.5 inches
    Fiber and Mixed Media

    "My grandmother Sue Beetham passed in January 2022. We were very close, and I am still learning how to mourn her passing. I was fortunate to attend Orien Arts Residency in August 2022 where I focused on creating a series of work to help process my grief. This piece is one in that series, titled after a poem of the same name by 7th century Japanese poet Kakinomoto no Hitomaro.

    "Poem Selection:
    I loved her like the leaves,
    The lush green leaves of spring
    That pulled down the willows
    on the bank’s edge
    where we walked
    while she was of this world."
  13. Pandemic Paranoia
    Jay Marano, Office of the General Counsel
    17 1/2 × 23 1/2

    "I believe the photograph speaks for itself. While the subject can clearly see one has to wonder what they are thinking to resort to such extreme measures to stay clear of death and the impact a dreary world around them has on their mental health. Will anything ever be normal again after Covid-19? The answer is up to the individual."