Carnegie Mellon University


DiSC is a behavioral assessment tool developed by industrial psychologist Walter Vernon Clarke. The tool is based on psychologist William Moulton Marston's DiSC theory, which centers on four different personality traits.

In the three-hour foundational session, certified facilitators from the HR Learning and Development team help participants:

  • Learn about DiSC® and the Everything DiSC Workplace® Map
  • Identify their styles and explore the priorities that drive them
  • Discover similarities and differences among the DiSC® styles
  • Discover their reaction to different DiSC® styles
  • Identify what works for and challenges them
  • Use DiSC® to understand the people they work with

To schedule a session for your team, contact the Learning and Development team. The cost is $81/person + $135 for a team report.

This training is suitable as a stand-alone session for team building and development and/or as part of an on-site event. Abbreviated sessions are possible, as are follow-up sessions focusing on application of the concepts in real-world work situations. Please note that customized sessions may require additional notice to allow for sufficient preparation and content development.