United Way Campaign-HR @ Carnegie Mellon University - Carnegie Mellon University

The Annual United Way Campaign runs until
March 31, 2017

Two ways to pledge*

1. Complete a paper pledge form and send it via campus mail to Everett Tademy, Whitfield Hall.

2. Submit your pledge using the U-Pledge for Good website:

PRIOR DONORS—Follow the steps below if you have donated before as a part of Carnegie Mellon University

1. Click on the I’m Ready to Give button to sign in
2. Below Sign In, enter your username:
    CMU + First Three of LastName + First Three of FirstName
    (e.g., Andrew Carnegie's user name would be CMUCarAnd)
3. On the bottom left, enter your password:
4. Click on the Sign In button
5. Reset your password
6. Fill out your pledge information and confirm your pledge

NEW DONORS—Follow the steps below if you have never pledged with Carnegie Mellon University before

1. Click on the I’m Ready to Give button to create an account
2. Below Create a New Account, enter your last name
3. Enter your email address
4. Click on the Create an Account button and follow the instructions

The U-Pledge for Good website is compatible with most browsers excepting Internet Explorer 8. Recommended browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

*Please note pledges do not roll over year to year; you must submit a new pledge to take part in the 2016–2017 campaign. Deductions will begin in January 2017 for individuals who utilize payroll deduction to make their pledge before December 30, 2016. The maximum number of payroll deductions is 24 for employees paid biweekly and 12 for employees paid monthly.

United Way Campaign Chairs

Everett Tademy
Campaign Chair

Matthew D'Emilio
Campaign Co-Chair

donor customer support

Contact United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania with issues concerning the U-Pledge for Good website:


or 412-456-6824