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The Spring 2016 Insurance Enrollment/Waiver period is December 15, 2015 through January 31, 2016.

Aetna Student Health Plan Summaries of Benefits and Coverage for August 1, 2015 through July 31, 2016:

Click below for an introduction to health insurance and the Aetna Student Health Plan.

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For self-service options, such as reviewing your Explanation of Benefits, printing an ID card and many other features, please click below to register for access or to take a tour of what access allows you to do (once your plan is effective).

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Carnegie Mellon contracts with insurance companies to provide excellent and affordable student medical, vision and dental plans. Eligible participants may voluntarily enroll in any or all three plans, but timeframes for enrollment do apply.

Heathcare in the United States is expensive. The university wants to make sure its students are protected from unexpected financial hardship when medical needs arise. Full-time, matriculating students studying on CMU's Pittsburgh and New York campus locations, or within most of its Silicon Valley programs, must meet medical insurance requirements. They are automatically charged for the Individual level medical insurance plan in their first semester of attendance each academic year.

They may modify that enrollment, or, if they have alternative insurance, request a removal of this charge by submitting a waiver form.

Enrollment Opportunities

Fall 2015 Open Enrollment: July 15- September 14 (to select coverage for August 1 through the following July 31)

Spring 2016 Open Enrollment period (same each year): December 15 - January 31  (to select coverage for January 1 through July 31)

Summer 2016 Open Enrollment period (same each year): May 1 - June 15  (to select coverage May 1 through July 31)

Eligible participants have a specific enrollment period once each academic year for their medical enrollment or waiver decisions. Learn more about our enrollment opportunities and deadlines.

Insurance enrollment and waiver decisions do not roll-over to the next insurance year. You must resubmit your decision each school year.

Spring 2016 Open Enrollment Begins December 15, 2015.

Learn more about enrollment opportunities.


One Medical Plan to be offered.

See The Tartan article. 

View rationale.

View benefit highlights [pdf].

2015-2016 Student Health Insurance Enrollments and Waivers

Spring 2016 Enrollment Form [pdf]

2015-2016 Student Health Insurance Waiver Form [pdf]

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