Carnegie Mellon University

Policies and Guidelines

Carnegie Mellon's policies ensure fair treatment of all individuals and encourage the free exchange of ideas and opinions.

University Policies

University Policies are rules that have been officially sanctioned by the president of Carnegie Mellon University and that generally have university-wide applicability.

Human Resources Policies

Human Resources policies are administrative policies that may support compliance with law, mitigate risk, or communicate the university’s values and expectations of its community members.

Staff Handbooks

Staff handbooks are maintained by Human Resources and contain rules and guidelines pertinent to staff members. Some Carnegie Mellon campuses have their own Staff Handbooks or Addenda to address location-specific exceptions and regulations.

Addenda to the Staff Handbook

Faculty Handbook

  • Faculty Handbook — Policies of the university, as well as administrative and faculty organization policies, recorded and maintained by the Faculty Senate

Guidelines for Employees

Compliance Posters

Government employment-related posters that the university is required by law to post are listed below. In addition, these posters are displayed in physical locations throughout campus and in our other U.S. locations.

Federal Posters

State Posters

Other Posters