Carnegie Mellon University

Contribute to United Way

Carnegie Mellon has a long-standing tradition of partnering with United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania to support life-changing services and programs in our community. With your support, we can help raise funds to prevent hunger and homelessness, help veterans who are working hard to adjust to life back home, help kids learn and develop skills to become successful adults, and provide seniors and people with disabilities with greater independence.

Two Ways to Give

Financial donations can be made through payroll deduction, Bill Me, check or credit card. Donors can designate a specific organization or target area for their donation; refer to the Regional Code Book [pdf] for a listing of Contributor Supported Agencies.

  1. Complete a pledge form [pdf] and send it to or create an HR ticket and attach the completed form.
  2. Volunteer your time. Learn about volunteer opportunities through United Way.

Why Give?

What Your Gift Can Accomplish

  • $5 per week provides one woman with safe, supportive housing for two weeks.
  • $4 per week helps one senior prevent a deadly fall or home accident.
  • $3 per week helps eight families get started financially planning for their child with a disability.
  • $2 per week helps support efforts to significantly increase on-time kindergarten registration for 14 children.
  • $1 per week will give food and shelter to a homeless person.

Collaboration, Accountability and Transparency

  • United Way brings together leaders, partners, donors and volunteers to identify and solve problems.
  • United Way sets priorities based on local research and data.
  • United Way focuses on innovation and measurable results.
  • United Way reports on the impact.
  • United Way selects highest-performing agencies and holds them accountable for results.