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Red heart with the words "Thanks for putting your heart in the work" written on it in white in the center

February 01, 2024

Thank a Colleague for “Putting Their Heart In The Work”

This February, a “Thanks for Putting Your Heart in the Work” eCard is available to send via CMU=You, the university’s go-to location for celebrating our culture and the extra efforts of our colleagues as well as helping staff members feel more connected to each other, our values and mission.

CMU=You also has a permanent collection PLAID+ eCards based on the vision, mission and values of the university that allow staff members to recognize each other at any time. In addition to receiving an eCard, an entry will appear in the PipeUp! social recognition wall so others can view, comment on celebrate the recognition.

So, thank a colleague today for “Putting Their Heart In The Work.” Or thank them any time for a job well done!