Carnegie Mellon University

group picture of Student Worker Services team's five members posing in the HR Service Center

June 06, 2023

Staff Highlight: Student Worker Services

The Student Worker Services team, lead by Kameico Robison, plays a critical role in supporting CMU’s student workers, student transaction initiators and student approvers in their human resources needs. The team provides guidance to student workers with onboarding tasks, including completion of the Form I-9, and oversees student worker related transactions in Workday.

Introducing the Team

  • Katie Chuahong, HR coordinator
    • What do you like most about working at CMU? "I like working at CMU because the community is very welcoming to diversity and inclusion, and everyone is so kind!"
    • Fun fact: "I have an orange cat named Taco."
  • Megan Gearhart, HR coordinator
    • What do you like most about working at CMU? "I love working at CMU because of the diverse community across campus."
    • Fun fact: "I love to bake."
  • Alex Habjan, senior HR coordinator
    • What do you like most about working at CMU? "One of my favorite parts about working at CMU are all of the events that take place throughout campus and working for an institution that is making a difference. I also love being part of a team that is always there to help each other."
    • Fun fact: "My dad is on the board of National Directors for the PGA so I travel with my family to PGA sponsored golf tournaments. This past May, I traveled to Rochester, New York to attend the PGA Championship. This coming September, I will be going to the 2023 Ryder Cup in Rome, Italy. I also come from a pretty big family and have a total of 35 cousins!"
  • Chrissy Lacher, director, HR solutions consulting and services
    • What do you like most about working at CMU? "The compassion and kindness that resonates across campus."
    • Fun fact: "I was raised with Irish Setters and now have one of my own (Fiona). Irish Setters are fun and very active but are considered a vulnerable dog breed. My children and I walk Fiona in the Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day parade every year to promote awareness of the breed."
  • Kameico Robison, manager, Student Worker Services
    • What do you like most about working at CMU? "The people!!! I love the community and the relationships I've built throughout the years of working here. I love being in a position where I can provide great service to a great community."
    • Fun fact: "I am a 2011 inducted Hall of Famer at Seton Hill University. I was a pretty good basketball player, scoring over 2,000 points in high school and college. My 14 year old son currently plays basketball and has been playing since he was 5 so I guess I'm passing the torch!"

Team Responsibilities

  • Oversees accurate completion of employment verifications
  • Oversees completion and management of Form I-9's for student workers
  • Oversees HR activities related to pay transmits, including processing of paycards, communicating with employees and departments regarding pay-related issues, and escalating payment issues to Payroll
  • Handles, manages and resolves ServiceNow ticket inquiries.
  • Runs daily/monthly reports and audits, and reviews to ensure compliance and accuracy in Workday
  • Initiates transitional graduate hiring process

Improvements to Processes and Procedures

In addition to their day-to-day responsibilities, the Student Worker Services team has been working over the past year to make significant improvements to processes and procedures. Some highlights include:

  • Developing communications, resources and how-to-videos to support student workers with key Workday actions
  • Using Workday to deliver timely reminders related to key onboarding processes
  • Establishing a consistent and effective process for communicating and addressing issues related to the completion of onboarding tasks
  • Continuing to expand Workday processes for managing graduate student stipends