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Helping create companies that improve lives

The Swartz Center has provided growth and financial resources for hundreds of students, faculty and alumni who have created great companies that positively affect the way people live.

Program Testimonials

"LaunchCMU gave us the right platform to find investors. By branding the event as Roboburgh, it attracted people that understand how much robotics companies can be profitable. That allowed us to find truly motivated investors."

-Tom Galluzzo, CEO, IAM Robotics

"We applied for a Spark Grant to help get our company off the ground. It gave us the resources we needed to go to a composites conference and build the infrastructure we needed to validate our business idea."

-Glenn Philen, Co-Founder, Carbon Freight

Courtney Williamson and abiliLife logo

Courtney Williamson


Biomechanical devices to improve the quality of life for the elderly and those with movement disorders.

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Jeff Rzeszotarski and DataSquid logo

Jeff Rzeszotarski


Data visualization technology that helps people and businesses make better decisions.

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Luis von Ahn and the duolingo logo

Luis von Ahn


Online social platform that teaches users languages for free while they simultaneously translate content across the web.

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Hunaid Nulwala and LumiShield logo

Hunaid Nulwala


Anti-corrosion metal coatings that are made less expensively and without harmful environmental impacts.

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Molly Blank and PalpAid logo

Molly Blank


Technology to empower primary care clinicians and women to achieve better breast health.

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Hahna Alexander and SolePower logo

Hahna Alexander


Product that generates on-the-go, renewable power for mobile energy needs.

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