Carnegie Mellon University

Laura Ohlund

Laura Ohlund

Commercialization Expert - LifeX Global


Strategy, Commercialization, Medical Markets & Strategy


Trying to better understand the roadmap between where you are today and your exit? 

As a commercialization expert, Laura assists new founders in filling the gaps between their value proposition and market exit.  This ability has come from a curated background which has provided a unique mix of depth and breadth around global best practices.

Following her studies and work in computer science and AI at Carnegie Mellon, Laura co-founded a successful stereoscopic medical and educational imaging company. In her role as an international strategy consultant to Fortune 250 companies such as DuPont, Texaco, Praxair-Linde, Disney, New York Life, Halifax (Bank of Scotland) and Prudential, and specialty companies like Louisville Slugger, Halifax-Bank of Scotland and The Arizona Republic, Laura’s voice was at the table as these renowned companies managed major market changes.  As an officer and board president in multiple organizations, with responsibility for complex budgets upwards of $80M, she brings expertise in leadership, legal and governance.  Her international work experience includes an understanding of Africa and its unique social and economic dynamics.  She currently works with a portfolio of life science companies including those in the medical device, drug delivery, SaaS, diagnostic and predicative modelling space.

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