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Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Build a foundation for entrepreneurial success

Carnegie Mellon University offers challenging cross-disciplinary courses and degrees that prepare students for startup endeavors in art, business and information technology. The Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, part of the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship, is the gateway to entrepreneurship academia across campus. Take a peek into available academic programs and find what interests you.

Don Jones Photo

Donald H. Jones (1937-2012)
Donald H. Jones / Elder Statesman of High-tech Community in Pittsburgh [pdf], Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/21/2012Here is our tribute to Don Jones [pdf].

Undergraduate Courses

Innovation & Entrepreneurial Mindset

Funding Entrepreneurial Ventures

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

New Venture Creation

Independent Study

Commercialization and Innovation

Strategic Management and Innovation

Collaborative Project in Music Entrepreneurship

Software Engineering for Startups

Social Entrepreneurship

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor

The new Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor is a cross-university initiative that brings together STEM disciplines with arts, humanities and business as part of the Integrative Design, Arts and Technology (IDeATe) network.

In this minor, undergraduate students work collaboratively in hands-on explorations of the complete 21st century innovation ecosystem.

Learn more about the Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor

Graduate Courses

Accelerating Innovation and Entrepreneurship
67324 (DC)

The Business of Healthcare Innovations

45906 (TPR)

Commercialization and Innovation: Strategy

45807 (TPR)

Commercialization and Innovation: Workshop

45907 (TPR)

45877 (TPR)

Corporate Startup Lab
45996 (TPR)

Decision Tools for Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship

19784 (EPP) | 24784 (ME)

Designing and Leading a Business
51792 (TPR)

Designing and Leading a Business: Capstone
45909 (TPR)

Entrepreneurial Alternatives
45806 (TPR)

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Technology
18601 (ECE)

Entrepreneurship in Creative Enterprises
93711 (HNZ)

Entrepreneurship in Entertainment Technology
53630 (ETC)

Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition
45817 (TPR)

Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Workshop
45917 (TPR)

Entrepreneurship, Growth and Industrial Change
88791 (SDS)

45818 (TPR)

Funding Early Stage Ventures

45905 (TPR)

Gaining Advantage through Sales

45808 (TPR)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

49802 (CMU-SV)

Innovation in Information Systems

67475 (DC)

Lean Entrepreneurship

45805 (TPR) | 94840 (HNZ)

Marketing for Entrepreneurship

45908 (TPR)

Product Management

96820 (CMU-SV)

Proseminar in Entrepreneurial Leadership

99735 (TPR)

Quantitative Entrepreneurship: Analysis for New Technology Commercialization

19670 (EPP) | 24680 (ME)

Science of Growth
45809 (TPR)

Social Innovation Accelerator
90-845 (HNZ)

Special Topics: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Technology

14815 (INI)

Venture Capital and Private Equity

45824 (TPR)