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[ 2015 ]

abilife logo


AbiliLife is a company dedicated to designing and developing products to improve the quality of life for patients with Parkinson's and other neurodegenerative diseases as well as those in the elderly community. (Courtney Williamson, 2014, Tepper, and Britta Ulm, 2014, Computer Science)

AE Dreams logo

AE Dreams

AEDreams designs children's products that integrate digital technologies into screenless toys that encourage imaginative playtime for kids and families. Turtle Mail, AEDreams first product, is a physical mailbox for kids that prints messages from family members, fictional characters, or even their beloved toys, along with activity content that fosters hands-on playtime. (Alysia Finger, 2014 Tepper and College of Fine Arts, and Niko Triulzi, 2010, College of Fine Arts)

ConnectWith logo


ConnectWith is a professional network building service that connects four unacquainted people over lunch for purposeful conversation. ConnectWith uses social engineering and social graph analyses to diagnose and improve a company's internal professional network. (Will Lutz, 2015, Tepper)

MedControl logo


MedControl Technologies is improving medication adherence and preventing prescription drug abuse and addiction after the prescription enters the patient's hands. MedControl’s first product is a portable/pocket-sized, secure pill bottle that requires biometric (fingerprint) verification of the user's presence to allow restricted access to medication according to an intended regimen. (David Joasnos, 2013, Tepper)

Rorus logo


Rorus produces next-generation water purifiers using new technology and proprietary designs. Rorus’ first product, the Device for Emergency Water (DEW), is a personal water filter that's cheaper and more efficient to deploy after a natural disaster. Their first market is hydrological disaster relief in India, a $1.4 billion market, with plans to expand into point-of-use water filtration, a $14 billion global market. (Corinne Clinch, 2014, Engineering, and Uriel Eisen, 2015, Industrial Design)

[ 2014 ]

Appbase logo


Appbase is building a Twilio for databases and allows developers to build realtime, searchable apps without having to configure their own servers or databases. Their vision is to create a state-of-the-art delivery service that powers the next generation of apps. (Anuj Kumar, Computer Science, 2014)

BandPass logo


BandPass, a music-tech startup founded in 2014, simplifies live music by providing bands with direct access to the shows that they want to play and giving venues all the information they need to book shows in one place. By additionally providing suggestions for a cohesive and well-attended show, BandPass gives venues unprecedented amounts of information that they can use to make critical business decisions. (Noah Tovares, 2013, Engineering)

Collected logo


Collected helps you uncover, reuse and get inspiration from all your existing work by delivering related content from your cloud accounts as you type. Just sign up, link your cloud accounts and get the add-ins for popular applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Google Docs. Then, as you work, Collected suggests contextually relevant snippets of text and slides from the documents and presentations in your cloud accounts. You can easily insert a suggestion into your current work or view the original source. Collected delivers the content you need, when and where you need it. (Steve Cotter, 2009, Heinz)

Covey logo


Covey is helping moms to discover new moms in real life, such as for finding a walking buddy, planning a play date or forming a mom group. It is also a location-based social messaging and networking tool. (Judith Tucker, 2013, Human Computer Interaction, and Vanessa Jameson, Computer Science, 2005)

Greenovation logo


Greennovation is a designer, builder and developer of affordable and sustainable housing. The company seeks to develop an economic development and job creation model for urban areas by locating manufacturing facilities within urban areas. Affordability will be achieved through construction cost reduction strategies that include advanced modular manufacturing methods, assembly line efficiency and integration of green features during the manufacturing process. (S.T., 2013, Engineering)



IMPAQD is a real-time, location-based system that gives shippers and truckers the power of direct communication — without a broker. (Jason Cahill, 2014, Business)

Innovesca logo


Innovesca is a food innovation company that develops optimal processing technologies to naturally unlock a food’s nutritional benefits. Founded with a dedication to impacting global nutrition, Innovsca’s ingredients are based on the simple idea that “every bite counts”. Through their natural processing technology, Innovesca takes underutilized superfoods that already exist in developing regions but go to waste and transform them into value-added ingredients with optimized nutrition. By implementing this technology in a developing region, Innovesca improves nutrition, not only through our ingredients, but also by creating jobs and reducing poverty. (Mary Beth Wilson, Ph.D., 2013, Engineering)

LifeShel logo


LifeShel smartphone cases and applications crowd-source community safety, through prevention hardware and a user-based responder network. As a company that bridges hardware and software, LifeShel’s challenge is seamless integration of the physical world, where they bring safety and peace of mind to their users, and the digital world, where they manage their data. LifeShel’s goal is to complete the loop where the data can feedback into a user's pocket to make the physical world around them safer. (Jayon Wang, 2013, Engineering; Alan Fu, 2013, Engineering; Siri Amrit Ramos, 2013, Engineering)



Naturi is a collection of passionate food enthusiasts who scour the globe for artisanal and organic ingredients, create and share amazing recipes and believe that the words delicious and healthy should be used in the same sentence. At Naturi, they believe that every meal is an adventure, which trust is our primary ingredient and our actions define us. Naturi’s first product is an artisanal, organic, Greek yogurt that is both healthy and delicious! View their recent Kickstarter. (Aditya Dhere, 2014, Tepper)

Nebulus logo


Nebulus is creating Google Docs plus Garageband. This involves an online set of tools for musicians to make music in a familiar digital audio workstation environment, but with the ability to collaborate with others in a browser without being in the same place. (Kyle Henson, Tepper, 2014, and Robert Kotcher, Fine Arts, 2012)

PieceMaker Technologies

PieceMaker Technologies

PieceMaker Technologies provides retail stores the means to create customized inventory, on-demand. Consumers personalize their own products digitally using a fun, simple touchscreen kiosk, and then PieceMaker’s system automatically manufactures their final goods right in-store as they shop. (Arden Rosenblatt, 2013, Engineering; Alejandro Sklar, 2014, Engineering; Herbert Gilliland, 2005, Fine Arts; Zheng Yang, 2013, Computer Science)

PlayPower logo


PlayPower’s business is licensing data-driven learning technologies to education publishers. Their next goal is to take the business to the next level with a more ambitious consumer-oriented vision: creating an adaptive media platform to help parents maximize the value of their child's screen time. (Derek Lomas, Computer Science, 2014)

popAD logo


popAD is a user-generated advertising platform that empowers users to create quality ad content. popAD is creating authentic, data-driven ad products with unparalleled relevancy by rebuilding it around the user. Their first product is a consumer-facing app that incentivizes users to participate in local photo scavenger hunts - driving real traffic, engagement and significant ROI to advertisers, while simultaneously producing quality ad-content at-scale. (Skylar Roebuck, 2011, Engineering)

RistCall logo


RistCall helps hospitals to improve patient safety and satisfaction scores by updating traditional nurse call bell systems with wearable devices. RistCall focuses on reducing the response time, capturing patient real time acuity information, point of care feedback and improving work flow to reduce costs and improve revenues. (Srinath Vaddepally, 2013, Engineering; Spurthi Gundoji, 2014, Engineering, and Ameya Bhat, 2013, Engineering)

Semantic logo


SemanticMD provides health analytics solutions to enhance radiologist productivity, reduce overall healthcare costs and improve quality of care for patients. They have developed a content-based patient search engine for physicians to identify similar patients with similar conditions using computer vision and machine learning technologies. Unlike current search and analytics solutions, SemanticMD federates unstructured data in images and provide personalized results for the radiologist. (Satish Ramakrishnan, 2010, Engineering, and Santosh Bhavani, 2011, Computer Science)

Sliced logo

Sliced Investing

Sliced Investing makes investing in hedge funds accessible, simple and transparent. They pool our investor's capital together to collectively meet the minimum investments of hedge funds. (Akhil Lodha, 2009, Tepper)

Solvvy logo


Solvvy is an intelligent problem-solving assistant that gives you the best solution from the Web when you simply describe your problem, no matter how complex. (Mehdi Samadi, 2014, Computer Science; Justin Betteridge, 2006, Computer Science)

[ 2013 ]

Bistrobot logo


Bistrobot aims to revolutionize fast food. Instead of processed foods being reheated to speed up orders, Bistrobot wants to use robotics technology to create fresh food fast. All food will be prepped and cooked by a chef who will then hand off the ingredients to a robot to assemble made-to-order sandwiches quickly, cleanly and consistently. Your meal will look exactly like it does in the picture and you won't wait in line long to get it. Bistrobot is adding robotics engineering to culinary arts to create an innovative dining experience. (Jay Reppert, 2012, Engineering)

Digital Dream Labs logo

Digital Dream Labs

Digital Dream Labs helps children program with their hands. When a child can physically touch an idea, they can easily relate to and build an understanding of that idea. Digital Dream Labs gives children a way to build programs like they build with blocks by using a set of toy instruction tiles called Ludos. Children use the Ludos to guide characters in a videogame through puzzles, learning the fundamentals of computer science along the way. (Matt Stewart, 2012, CMU; Justin Sabo, 2012, CMU; Peter Kinney, 2011, Computer Science, 2013, CMU)

LegalSifter logo


LegalSifter uses Machine Learning to understand legal documents by helping to summarize, sort and search legal information quickly and efficiently. (Elliott Williams, 2008, Computer Science)

Lumator logo


Lumator provides intelligent automated services that help residential electricity consumers save money, save time and save the planet, by optimizing how they buy and use electricity. Deregulation and increasing availability of renewable energy are creating opportunities that most consumers are unable to exploit because they lack the required expertise and tools. By ignoring these opportunities, consumers are leaving hundreds of dollars on the table every year. Lumator uses machine-learning technology to offer personalized cloud services that solve this consumer problem. (Prashant Reddy, Ph.D., 2013, Computer Science)

Midnight Madness Distilling logo

Midnight Madness Distilling

Midnight Madness Distilling is a CMU startup company born out of a 2011 entrepreneurship class project. MMD plans to enter the $72.1 billion United States spirits industry with a Swiss-imported herbal liqueur. This flagship brand is poised to fill a void in the nightlife liqueur market as a super-premium alternative to “shooters” like Jagermeister, Fireball and Southern Comfort. MMD will be introducing the brand in United States markets this fall. To generate revenue and increase sustainability during brand development, MMD also sells craft spirits under the brand Fortis, as well as numerous private label spirits across Pennsylvania. (Doug Heckmann, 2013, Dietrich College; Anthony LoRubbio, 2013, Dietrich College)

NetBeez logo


NetBeez is the first of its kind network-monitoring tool that tests and validates enterprise networks from an end-user perspective. NetBeez’s unique approach utilizes distributed monitoring agents to simulate user interaction with the network and its applications, and provides real-time outage detection before users are impacted. This proactive approach enables network engineers to immediately verify the impact of configuration changes on user connectivity and monitor the network performance. NetBeez helps enterprises minimize network downtime while improving the efficiency of its IT staff. (Stefano Gridelli, MBA, 2012, Business)

QuantMD logo

QuantMD, LLC

QuantMD, LLC has a global outreach servicing subscription based enhanced diagnostic value in the cardiovascular healthcare delivery space, through robust algorithmic analysis of medical image data. QuantMD, LLC service physicians and surgeons by disambiguating patient management through physics-based quantitative metrics offered interactively via a cloud platform. Their custom and proprietary medical image analytics solutions have had application to heart disease diagnostics, pediatric and adult cardiovascular surgical planning as well as real-time non-fluoroscopic intra-operative guidance for pacemaker lead implantation, amongst other targeted therapies. (Prahlad G. Menon, Ph.D., 2013, Engineering)

SolePower logo


SolePower develops power-generating shoe insoles for charging portable electronics just by walking. Using the “heel strike” of a normal walking gait, mechanisms embedded inside the insole spin a small generator. The power generated is stored in a removable battery pack attached on top of the shoelaces, which can charge a variety of portable electronics. SolePower is initially developing for the outdoor enthusiast market where users frequently walk off-grid but rely heavily on equipment. They will also enter developing regions where access to power is unreliable, but people walk miles per day. (Matt Stanton, 2012, Engineering; Hahna Alexander, 2012, Engineering)

ToolsCloud logo


ToolsCloud eliminates one of the biggest pains for growing software development teams-configuring, integrating and maintaining their software development tools. They allow organizations to focus on what matters, building their product, rather than wasting precious time & resources worrying about tool installs, configuration & integration woes, server downtime, internet connection problems, backup issues, and security flaws in their development infrastructure. ToolsCloud leverage the best tools from the open-source world, and provide development teams with an environment that supports current best practices in software development such as continuous integration & deployment, all for an affordable monthly subscription fee. (Chris Rigatti, MBA, 2010, Business)

Trance logo


Trance is a social network for dance, where people can watch, record, and share amazing dance videos. They are at an exciting space where entertainment, technology and talent combine. Trance is the world’s largest dance floor. Watch their 1-minute pitch on TechCrunch. (Harper LaFave, 2012, Computer Science; Marwa Nur Muhammad, 2012, Computer Science; Julien Altieri, 2012, Computer Science)

Vibrado logo


Vibrado's wearable sensor platform maximizes the benefits of athletic training. Vibrado help you learn and perfect sports-specific skills, while also reducing injury risk by reinforcing safe patterns of movement. Vibrado's technology improves how you move by analyzing your biomechanical form and providing instant, actionable feedback. The company's first product is a sleeve that helps basketball players refine their free throws, jump shots, and three-pointers. (Cynthia Kuo, Ph.D., 2008, Engineering and Frank Mokaya, Ph.D., 2013, Engineering)

[ 2012 ]

Accel Diagnostics

Accel Diagnostics

Accel Diagnostics (formerly Tropical Health Systems) is a medical technology company developing "pScreen," a disposable medical device for the detection of specific proteins in body fluids. The device eliminates the need for supporting lab equipment, allowing for timely and accurate medical diagnosis at the point of care: doctor's office, urgent care centers and patient's bedside. (Alberto Gandini, 2009, Business)



Employee wellness will grow with health reform. Acrinta makes sure the employees who need help the most stay engaged. Acrinta lets employees choose the activities they enjoy while promoting gradual improvements and preserving privacy. Each day, individuals have an opportunity to achieve their own personal target which changes with them. Achieve daily small wins doing more of you. (Ashton Thomas, 2011, Information Systems)



ActivAided Orthotics has created a line of postural training apparel to eliminate back pain by training rehabilitative habits and behaviors to address and correct the root causes of spine disorders and back pain. The company developed a product that offers continuous care in a convenient, effective, wearable treatment for long-term relief of back pain. Its first product, "RecoveryAid," was released in July 2012 after beta testing found that 89 percent of users experienced a decrease in back pain. (Kelly Collier, 2011, Engineering)

Aurochs logo


Aurochs Brewing Company uses unique ingredients to provide great tasting craft beers that are naturally gluten-free. The company is commercializing a brewing method that is not currently available in the United States. This technology allows Aurochs to brew with the grains millet, quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth. The product addresses a void for the millions of Americans who follow a gluten-free diet for medical reasons and those who choose to follow the gluten-free diet for improved health and well being. (Ryan Bove, 2012, Business)

Beyond Lucid logo

Beyond Lucid Technologies

Beyond Lucid Technologies (BLT) is a healthcare IT startup company that offers paramedics and other first responders with situational awareness, logistical decision support and real-time information for emergency incident management. BLT's MediViewTM software platform offers innovative features designed to make First Response safer, more efficient and more cost-effective. No hospital integration engineering is required for MediViewTM to begin delivering value--starting with an elimination of using paper to document the patient's condition in an emergency. (Jonathan Feit, 2010, Business)

CommunityVibe logo


CommunityVibe Inc. provides web and mobile solutions for property managers to streamline maintenance and communication processes with their residents. The company's proprietary solution, ComVibe, addresses the leading cause of avoidable resident turnover by tackling the challenges associated with maintenance oversight. (Kariithi Kilemi, 2011, Business)

PECA Labs logo


PECA Labs' Masa Valve is the first valved conduit to be specifically designed for pediatric heart conduit reconstruction. The valve is specifically designed with the needs of pediatric patients in mind, unlike current options on the market, and reduces the need for additional surgeries. With implantation in 49 children for more than four years and excellent results, the Masa Valve is fully developed, clinically validated and is currently going through the FDA approval process. Clinical results have shown that the Masa Valve should save children from one-to-two open-heart surgeries over the course of their pediatric years. (Doug Bernstein, 2012, Engineering)

Pixite logo


Pixite is a software development company focusing on delivering high quality photography apps to the market. Pixite is developing a revolutionary service that will provide a seamless photo management and viewing experience across computers, tablets, and smartphones. Unlike current solutions, Pixite's app-centric approach will offer an elegant user experience for sharing and organizing albums, ultimately allowing users to do more with their photos, be more organized, and save time. (Scott Sykora, 2012, College of Fine Arts)

GenevaMars logo


GenevaMars creates fun, story-based educational games to teach science, technology and math subjects to children in grades K-5. Working closely with partners such as the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and WQED, GenevaMars brings its content to audiences on a wide variety of platforms including mobile, web, in-museum kiosks, print and television. (Charles Kim, 2011, Business)

StatEasy logo


StatEasy provides a free and easy-to-use platform to high school and collegiate teams to manage statistics and video of their sporting events. Current sports information systems and coaching software programs are expensive, difficult to use and labor intensive. StatEasy's platform makes the process more efficient, and the company generates revenue by selling highlight videos to players, parents, recruiters and television stations. StatEasy currently serves more than 120 teams. (Tom Matta, 2007, Business and Engineering; Mike Ressler, 2002 Computer Science)

Tunessence logo


Tunessence offers a virtual guitar teacher in your Web browser. While millions of Americans at any given time are trying to learn how to play the guitar, 70 percent of them quit within two months. To make the learning process more engaging, Tunessence combines advanced audio processing software with instructional video in order to replicate the experience of an in-person lesson in an online setting. The company's software gives note-by-note feedback to the user, tracks progress and generates personalized lesson plans. Lessons are also taught in the context of popular songs as a way to keep users interested. (Alexander Soto, 2011, Engineering; Matthew Bauch, 2012, Engineering)

NoWait logo


NoWait is a cloud-based seating management system for the no reservation restaurant. NoWait helps eliminate customer frustration by innovating the waiting process with an iPad app wait list that notifies guests by text message when tables are ready. The product creates a new channel to engage customers while they wait and builds loyalty and repeat business for the restaurant. (Robb Myer, 2007, Business)

PHRQL logo


PHRQL (pronounced Freckle) empowers people with diabetes and other chronic diseases to gain control of their health, resulting in improved quality of life and lower health care costs. Users of the system manage their health data and stay connected to their support network through their smart phone, while their health care provider (Dietitian, Educator, Pharmacist, Doctor) connects to them and offers timely health counseling through our secure web portal. (Paul Sandberg, 2011, Business)

Qualaris logo


Qualaris is attacking a $45 billion problem: hospital acquired infections. The company is developing an information technology platform to revolutionize safe healthcare practices by targeting hand hygiene compliance, the proven cornerstone of infection control. Its Clinical Practice Support System will monitor and improve best practices in hand hygiene to reduce infections and deliver millions of dollars of savings to hospitals annually. (Scott Fisk, 2011, Engineering)

REBIScan logo

REBIScan, Inc.

REBIScan, Inc. is developing a pediatric medical device to detect and diagnose the leading causes of preventable vision loss in children. The company is poised to change the way children's vision is tested by providing technology that is easy to operate, cost-effective, highly accurate and can be deployed by pediatric practitioners. (Justin Shaka, 2011, Business)

Zypshop logo


Zypshop is a mobile self-checkout application that allows customers to scan items in-store, and checkout without waiting in line - the next phase of merging mobile apps with brick and mortar shopping. (Maximilian Lerner, 2007, Business)