Carnegie Mellon University

Business Products (B2B) 2



Modular and portable inventory solution for maker spaces.

Founders: Matthew Spettel, Gabe Madonna, Jerry Yu


Kermdinger Studios

Kermdinger Studios is an independent video game development studio that offers BOONDOGL, the world's first platform agnostic video game marketplace. Their next product is Jump, the world's first multiplatform video game subscription service. Think: Netflix for Digital Games.

Founder: Anthony Palma


Marinus Analytics

Researchers at CMU have developed methods to detect patterns of activity on the internet. Their first product tracks patterns that are indicative of human trafficking activity. The SaaS platform is in use by a variety of federal and local law enforcement agencies.  

Founders: Emily Kennedy, Cara Jones, Artur Dubrawski



MedReportGuard provides secure software infrastructure for forensic medical examinations and patient case management.

Founder: Adrian Berg


Neon Labs

Artifical Intelligence

Neon provides a visual content performance platform to help customers identify images that improve user click rates.



Legacy approaches to network monitoring don’t provide visibility on remote environments and Internet issues that affect users and cloud applications. NetBeez is the Digital Experience Monitoring platform that enables IT teams to quickly troubleshoot issues with ISP outages, SaaS, Wi-Fi, and home networks, simplifying support and increasing employees’ productivity.
Founders: Panickos Neophytou, Stefano Gridelli, Panos Vouzis


Orta Interactive Studio

Orta is a service platform and tools to help creators make interactive virtual reality films. Using Orta, creators can use the platform to easily and quickly develop more engaging interactive360 content for mobile devises. The software lets developers add interaction through speech and gaze, and track user data as they move though the content.

Founders: Jaehee Cho, Erika Laing



Petuum endeavors to provide an Omni-source, Omni-lingual, and Omni-mount platform that serves the full spectrum of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications. We empower organizations to create AI/ML solutions that are correct, fast, scalable, and consume minimal computing resources.

Founders: Eric Xing, Qirong Ho



App-based photo software and games.

Founder: Scott Sykora



reCaptcha improves the process of digitizing books while also preventing bots from accessing websites by sending words that cannot be read by computers to the Web in the form of Captchas for humans to decipher. More specifically, each word that cannot be read correctly by OCR is placed on an image and used as a Captcha. This is possible because most OCR programs alert you when a word cannot be read correctly. Using reCaptcha, the entire archives of the New York Times and books from Google Books have been digitized.

Founders: Luis Von Ahn, Benjamin Maurer

Acquired by Google September 9, 2009.


Safaba Translational Systems

Safaba provides enterprise-grade, machine learning-based software to assist with document translation. Clients include major translation firms and companies operating globally. The Company has been awarded a SBIR grant, and investment from Innovation Works and a private investor.

Founder: Robert Olszewski

Acquired by Amazon, September 2015.



CMU researchers are developing an IoT platform that enables collection of a variety of data from a single hardware device.  The plug-in sensor package they have developed monitors multiple phenomena — sounds, vibration, light, heat, electromagnetic noise, temperature, etc. — in a room. With some help from machine-learning techniques, this suite of sensors can determine whether a faucet's left or right spigot is running, if the microwave door is open or how many paper towels have been dispensed.


Shine Registry

Shine Registry hosts profiles of businesses and their founders with wedding registry-style lists of the stuff that they need. Founders ask for support while they are starting their businesses and give their communities an opportunity to show that support in meaningful and substantive ways.

Founder: Emily Wazlak



SimpL is an AI personal trainer that analyzes users’ form when exercising and gives users real time audio-feedback.

Founder: Kunal Gandhi