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The more you give, the more you get

Mentoring is a critical success factor in helping first-time entrepreneurs achieve success. Having a successful entrepreneur as a mentor helps the first-time entrepreneur focus on the highest priorities and avoid common mistakes. The industry connection that the mentor brings to the table can be transformational. Not to mention, the perks are plentiful:

Feel good about giving back

Enjoy personal satisfaction knowing you've contributed to the development of the next generation of entrepreneurs. Plus, learn how to improve your own discipline with new ideas and approaches.

Mentoring opportunities

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Get first dibs

Many mentors are also investors. Because they are part of the startup process, mentors have early access to seed rounds and initial investment.

Perks of investing

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Sharpen your skills

By identifying mentee strengths and weaknesses, reviewing business models and discovering areas for growth, mentors improve their own personal development and industry awareness.

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Mentoring Opportunities

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Leverage your network, expertise and lead the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.

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McGinnis Venture Competition Coaching/Judging

Provide invaluable feedback to competitors about their pitches, presentation and ideas.

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Office Hours Mentoring

Lend your expertise at the Swartz Center with focused, one-on-one sessions with aspiring entrepreneurs.

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VentureBridge Mentoring

Help student teams transition their concepts at the university into successful startups.