Carnegie Mellon University

Vincent Ponzo

Vincent Ponzo

AWS Startups Team, Founder, Startup Exec, Advisor

New York


Early Stage Startups


Vince is currently on the Amazon Web Services Startups teams, where he supports university-based startups and founders.  A former founder of an online retail product and an online recruiting platform, Vince was also a member of the management team at three other startups, including two with successful exits (SelectMinds, a B2B Enterprise company and General Assembly, an education company).  Vince led the entrepreneurship program at Columbia Business School for four years from 2013-2017, earned an MBA from Columbia Business School, and is an active advisor to multiple startups through formal roles and volunteer programs such as Techstars NYC, NEW INC and the New York City Venture Fellows Program.

Meetings by appoinment only via Skype (contact via email to schedule appointment)