Carnegie Mellon University

Chemistry & Material Science



Arieca is a materials technology company that creates soft rubber composites that have unique electrical and thermal properties. Their main product, “thubber,” is a rubber composite that has mechanical properties of soft silicone while having heat conducting properties approaching stainless steel.

Founders: Carmel Majidi, Navid Kazem


LumiShield Technologies

LumiShield has developed a novel process for coating aluminum on steel for corrosion resistance. This technology simplifies the process without a volatile and flammable medium, and the aluminum deposition is superior to competing methods.

Founders: David Luebke, Hunaid Nulwala


Marine Oasis

The team is currently partnering with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, and University of New England Marine Science Center to answer this question. They’re looking at alternative animal-based sources (such as insects, artemia, and rotifers), along with plant sources (microalgae and soy), and fermented fungi. They’re also currently building relationships with other industry partners that are interested in improving their sustainability and quality to run prototype field trials with.

Founders: Eric Beltz, Iker Enecoiz Gomez De Tuddo