Carnegie Mellon University

Project Olympus notable numbers*

917 Project Olympus Startup Projects

>> started by CMU Students, Staff, Faculty:
862 Indirect [IP owned by startup]
47 Direct [IP owned by CMU]

191 companies formed

>> from Project Olympus Startup Projects:
159 Indirect [IP owned by startup]
32 Direct [IP owned by CMU]

$548,775,000 in follow-on funding

>> directly to Project Olympus Startup Projects:
$527+ Million from Investments
$18+ Million from non-dilutive Grants
$2.1+ Million from winning Awards and Competitions

79 accepted

>> into local and national accelerators

12 Acquisitions

>> See below

*since Project Olympus started in January 2007

eeme was acquired by Tendril: January 2019.


Traansmission was acquired by ShipLync: April 2017.

traansmission logofacebook logo    

FacioMetrics was acquired by Facebook: November 16, 2016.

faciometrics logofacebook logo    

Activaided was acquired by Elizur Corporation: September 15, 2016.
ActivAided logoElizur logo
ConnectWith was acquired by Newton Consulting: May, 2016.
connectwith logonewton logo
Safaba was acquired by Amazon: September 25, 2015.
safaba logoamazon logo
Tunessence was acquired by Hal Leonard: May 1, 2015.

tunesssence logohal lenard logo

Lightside Labs was acquired by Turnitin: October 7, 2014.
light side labs logoturnitin logo
LearnBop was acquired by K12: August 4, 2014.
learn bop logok12 logo
CareerImp was acquired by PDN: July 17, 2012.
careerimp logopdn logo

Black Locus was acquired by Home Depot: December 17, 2012.

black locus logohome depot logo

ReCaptcha was acquired by Google: September 9, 2009.
recaptcha logogoogle logo