Carnegie Mellon University

Startups at Project Olympus


Project Olympus and the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship welcome all Carnegie Mellon University current and alumni entrepreneurs and startups

The Project Olympus space is two side-by-side buildings on Henry Street, contains 3 floors on each side with just over 8,000 square feet in total, 6 dedicated offices, 6 open office spaces, 4 conference rooms, an event space for up to 50 people, and a small maker-space. Additionally, there are 2 common areas that contain first-come-first-serve tables and are available for any approved Carnegie Mellon University related startup to use. The space is completely configurable of tables and furniture for whatever the needs of the startups may be along with 24/7 access for all team members.

Each startup in Project Olympus was founded by Carnegie Mellon University alumni, undergraduates, graduates, post-docs and faculty. 


Interested in working with Project Olympus?

Project Olympus works at the earliest stage with students at all levels, faculty, and staff to accelerate the commercialization of cutting-edge university research and innovative ideas. Olympus serves as an incubator and accelerator for advanced technologies in the fields of AI, machine learning, robotics, chemistry/advanced materials, cybersecurity, clean technology/energy, and medical devices/biotech.
The application process requires the following:

  • Must have one CMU affiliated founder (Student, Faculty, Staff, Alumni)
  • Completion of the application for entrepreneurship space
  • A meeting with an Olympus Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  • If you are accepted you must execute the Right of Entry Agreement

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First-Come First-Served Tables


Approved entrepreneurs who are still working on exploring their entrepreneurship idea or are in the early stages of their startup are welcome to use any of the available first-come first-served tables.

They also have 24-hour access to the space and are able to request reservations for the Project Olympus conference rooms.

Computer Monitors for All


Over ten double-monitor stations for everyone to use! We provide all of the cords, you just need to plug and play. 

Enjoy more Screen Real Estate for those projects that require you to view multiple things at once. 

Dedicated Tables


Entrepreneurs who have demonstrated significant progress and commitment to their startup through their work at Project Olympus are assigned a dedicated space.

Dedicated spaces are clearly marked with the startups logo and/or name and are reserved for use only by that startup.



Use of one of the six Project Olympus offices is reserved for the entrepreneurs who have shown the most progress, commitment, and dedication to their startup.

Offices are assigned by the Project Olympus Access Committee and are reviewed on a semester basis.

Business Products (B2B) A-H

  • Adskate
  • Awiros
  • Balloon
  • BlackLocus
  • Blastpoint
  • ConvMind
  • Dadel
  • Evolute
  • FindNotice
  • Fooala
  • Gather AI
  • Hikari Labs

Business Products (B2B) I-S

  • InvenTower
  • Kermdinger Studios
  • Marinus Analytics
  • MedReportGuide (MRG)
  • Neon
  • NetBeez
  • Orta Interactive Studio
  • Petuum
  • Pixite
  • Safaba Translational Systems
  • Senebrum
  • Shine Registry
  • SimpL

Business Products (B2B) S-Z

  • Skeema
  • SlapVid
  • Slingshot
  • Solvvy
  • Sparkline
  • SpiralGen
  • StatEasy
  • Stitchbridge
  • TalkMeUp
  • Traansmission
  • UberSpark
  • ViralMoment
  • Yodel Labs
  • Zensors


  • Airviz
  • Building Ideas Group (BIG)
  • Chement
  • EEme
  • Farm to Flame Energy
  • Gridfruit
  • Hillside Hydro
  • Hyliion
  • LeanFM Technologies
  • Oxide Enterprises
  • Platypus
  • Rapid Flow Technologies
  • SolePower
  • SparkMeter
  • Tartan Battery Network
  • Teratonix

Consumer Products (B2C)

  • Antecea
  • Aurochs Brewing
  • Banter
  • Beatbots
  • Brew Gentlemen Beer Co.
  • CareerImp (aka Resunate)
  • Carnegie Debate
  • CheerNotes
  • Digital Dream Labs
  • Faber
  • FacioMetrics
  • Glimmer
  • Little Moochi
  • Pairi
  • Pittsburgh Knights
  • PupCycled
  • Rise and Grind
  • Swaset
  • ZenRez


  • Accel Diagnostics
  • Beyond Lucid Technologies
  • BioBind
  • BioHybrid Solutions
  • Biombyx
  • Enabyl AI
  • Enzium
  • Equa Health
  • Heart I/O
  • Ocean Genomics
  • Organoid Therapeutics
  • Qualaris Healthcare Solutions
  • QuantMD
  • Root Health Coach
  • SemanticMD
  • Treatspace
  • Vera Therapeutics (aka True Code)

Medical Devices

  • Abililife
  • Activaided Orthotics
  • AnCure
  • Audition Tech
  • EXG Wear
  • Fibulas
  • Fluid Form 3D
  • Forest Devices
  • Human Motion Technologies
  • Impact Proteomics
  • Lifeware Labs
  • MindTrace
  • PECA Labs
  • Precision Neuroscopics
  • Rebion (REBIScan)
  • Rubitection


  • Astrobotics Technology
  • Bito Robotics
  • Bloomfield Robotics
  • Choitek
  • ESTAT Actuation
  • Fifth Season (previously Robotany)
  • Four Growers
  • HEBI Robotics
  • Mach9 Robotics
  • Mayim
  • Phlux Technologies
  • Piecemaker
  • RoadBotics
  • Smart Head Lights
  • Titan Robotics


  • Aktiv Learning (formerly 101 Edu)
  • Allelo (formerly Convertsation)
  • Bridge for Billions
  • Classroom Salon
  • LearnBop
  • Lightside Lab
  • Toyz Electronics
  • Tunessence
  • Wick

Social Networking/Mobile Computing & Social Ventures

  • ComVibe
  • ComYoot
  • ConnectWith
  • Duolingo
  • Expii
  • PlayPower
  • Pralent
  • ZuZ


  • AdRich
  • Ekto VR
  • Vigilant Technologies (VIT)
  • Wise Telemetry

Chemistry & Material Science

  • Arieca
  • LumiShield Technologies
  • Marine Oasis

Search Fund

  • GTE
  • Keelboat Capital


  • Dynamics
  • Komodo