Carnegie Mellon University

Business Products (B2B)



Adskate is building the future of digital advertising, a $400 billion dollar space, facing increasing privacy regulations because of which the traditional methods of ad targeting don't work well. Adskate uses advanced AI and analytics to eliminate irrelevant ads and help brands get better ROI on ad spend, without violating privacy regulations and using traditional keyword targeting on text. 

Founders: Shreyas Venugopalan, Salil Save, Akaash Ramakrishnan


Artificial Intelligence

Cashierless checkout and analytics for fast casual restaurants.

Founders: Stephen Thomas-Dorin, Alexander Litzenberger, Evan Desantola



Artificial Intelligence

Awiros is an operating system for developing, deploying and delivering Artificial Intelligence applications for Video at an unprecedented scale. Basically, Awiros is a platform to make cameras “smart”. Awiros has been in business for more than 4 years and raised a seed round of about $1Mn in 2018. Awiros also includes a marketplace of Applications, which is already possibly one of largest such collections in the world.
Incorporated as Awidit Systems Pvt. Ltd. in India.

Founder: Vikram Gupta



 Balloon is a research-backed platform that unlocks ideas and feedback from a group by eliminating groupthink and amplifying voices. We’re rebuilding the way teams collaborate, making them more productive, innovative, informed, and inclusive.

Founders: Noah Bornstein, Amanda Greenberg



BlackLocus was a venture-funded startup, founded by Carnegie Mellon alumni with a passion for creative deployment of new technology.

Founders: Lukas Bouvrie, Rodrigo Carvalho, Theodore Dasher, Daniel Little, Francisco Uribe

Acquired by The Home Depot in December of 2012.



BlastPoint makes big, expensive data research accessible to small and medium enterprises and non-profits that otherwise would not be able to afford it. Using BlastPoint’s simple interface, users can learn detailed information about a place, benchmark results, and use scoring to discover hidden opportunities.

Founders: Derek Gregg, Alison Alvarez, Tomer Borenstein



BrdgAI has built a full cloud-edge hybrid platform that automatically generates edge-optimized versions of cloud models, intelligently samples edge data, synchronizes edge & cloud models, and monitors for environment changes while saving money on bandwidth, annotation, and cloud computing. BrdgAI customers can create, build, deploy, and monitor powerful AI applications that span edge & cloud, even in low bandwidth situations, while selectively transmitting only the most relevant data to build better models with better data at a lower cost.

Founders: David Andersen, Michael Kaminsky



We want to be the single platform for ethical use of data, allowing individuals to manage and update their information across all chosen organizations and brands.

Founders: Kyle Schriver, Christopher Niessl, David Feldmann



Evolute makes the datacenter simpler by providing a software ecosystem optimized for IT administrators. By integrating server, storage and network resources into a turnkey hyper-converged platform, their datacenter control panel makes it easy to be production-ready from day one.

Founder: Kristopher Francisco



Website for public notices; state-required public information.

Founders: Bradley Barbin, Bin Zhang, Jon Staso, Hao Su



Fooala develops and commercializes online ordering technologies for restaurants.

Founders: Josh Chang, Kevin Yeh, Annie Teng, Todd Eichel, Moses Lee, Zhe Chen, Zachary Cancio, David Chen, Sam Tetruashvili, Nancy Lao, Ian Anderson


Researchers at CMU are developing a suite of software for autonomous navigation of unmanned aerial vehicles, to enable obstacle avoidance, scene analysis, object detection and data collection.

Founders: Sebastian Scherer, Sankalp Arora


Hikari Labs

CMU Researchers have developed a continuous monitoring infrastructure to collect data from online anonymous marketplaces ("dark web"). In addition to producing generic statistics for use by governments and NGOs, then can assist companies' brand protection efforts by performing specialized queries to determine quite precisely how much certain products are being sold. Funded by Innovation Works.

Founders: Jeremy Thomas, Kyle Soska, Nicolas Christin