Carnegie Mellon University

Bailie Salk

Bailie Salk

Junior Partner, Outlander VC


Funders, Funding


Outlander is a venture capital fund that invests in visionary founders at the earliest stages. For the last two decades, our founder-focused investment strategy enabled us to identify some of the largest, most impactful tech companies in play today before revenue or an MVP. Nothing excites us
more than connecting brilliant, outlandish founders to the capital and expertise needed to disrupt status quos and, ultimately, change how the world works, lives, and dreams.

We find and fund these exceptional founding teams from the earliest stages, looking to lead Pre- seed/Seed rounds. As generalists, we invest in B2B and B2C software startups across many verticals. Lately, we’ve been excited by AI, Dev. Tools, Future of Work/Commerce, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Web3, and Government Services startups. We are early backers of game-changing teams like those at Scale AI, Gusto, Lyft, and AngelList, to name a few.

Meetings by appointment only. Please contact Bailie via email.