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No matter what phase of the entrepreneurship cycle you're in, there are programs and resources at the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship that will take your idea to the next level.

Discover what the Swartz Center has to offer

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Don Jones Center
Courses & Degrees

Get classroom instruction through the Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, part of the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship.

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Project Olympus - The Incubator Program

Bridging the gap between cutting-edge university research and economy-promoting commercialization for the benefit of our communities



Mentoring students seeking to transform their high-tech concept into a startup
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Swartz Center Startup Teams

Work on your startup venture out of an interdisciplinary and collaborative entrepreneurship space

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Enhance the experiential education for any individual interested in innovation and entrepreneurship with the CONNECTS event series.
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Experiential Learning

Step out of the classroom and into your own real-world startup with the Swartz Center's many experiential learning programs.

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Extracurricular & Networking

Gain insights and expand your skill set with workshops, lecture series, competitions and networking opportunities.

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Mentorship & Funding

Obtain invaluable mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs and find funding for your CMU startup at the Swartz Center.

How to Think About Startup Jobs

Startup Job Resources

Lend your talent or find a job by viewing our resources to land your startup job.
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Student Clubs

See what entrepreneurial clubs have to offer at Carnegie Mellon University.
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Corporate Startup Lab

Learn about a project course that will pair teams of graduate students with companies looking to be more entrepreneurial.