Carnegie Mellon University

Joe Argyros

Joe Argyros


Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Medical Markets & Strategy


Joe has more than 25 years of experience focusing on early-stage medical device and life science companies. His leadership encompasses various domains, including product development, operations, regulatory affairs, and quality management. Joe has demonstrated his ability to shepherd numerous products from the initial concept stage through to commercialization, with his most recent success story being at ALung Technologies, Inc., where he played a pivotal role in developing and launching the Hemolung Respiratory Assist System.

Notably, Joe's track record extends to his participation as a core member of the executive team in three early-stage companies, all of which were ultimately acquired. Through his regulatory experience, he has achieved multiple FDA 510(k) clearances, Emergency Use Authorization during the COVID-19 pandemic, and CE Mark certifications. This diverse range of accomplishments underscores his deep understanding of navigating the intricacies and challenges involved in bringing new medical devices to market, spanning various technologies and therapeutic areas.