Carnegie Mellon University

Frank Taylor

Frank Taylor

Early Stage VC, Virginia Venture Partners




Early stage venture capital investor. Backing high growth technology startups at the pre-Seed and Seed stage. Previously 3X founder. Seasoned startup CEO and early stage operator.

Over 15 years of go-to-market experience testing business models, fundraising, and managing startup finances. Demonstrated success leading investor-backed B2B software startup in the PropTech vertical, bootstrapping a profitable e-commerce business, and scaling a hyper-local B2B social network to 12,000 members.

Industry agnostic. Investing in B2B SaaS and Marketplace startups with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security applications. Looking for startups with: Founder/Problem-Fit, Grit, and Skin in the Game.

Thinking About: Lean Startup, OKRs, ExOs, Automation, Network Effects, Unit Economics, Incentive Alignment, Product, Pricing, Distribution, Competitive Strategy, Independent Media, Remote Work, Web 3.0, Value 3.0, Compounding, Demographics, Aging, ETA, Innovation, Urbanization, Decentralization, Bitcoin, and Space Colonization.