Carnegie Mellon University

Laurie and Andy Kuzneski

Laurie and Andy Kuzneski

Kuzneski Insurance Group


Employee Benefits, Human Resources/Payroll, Insurance


Not only have Laurie and Andy and their firm been working with start-ups for over 20 years, they have also been early-stage investors for just as long. 

Insurance, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, and Payroll:
We know that when you are a founder, everything falls on you until you can build your team. That next employee often takes on duties the founder doesn’t want or have time to do. Many times, those duties include the HR function including payroll, insurance and benefits. We have multiple payroll partners that offer everything from the most basic tools to the slick all-in-one tech systems that still allow you to work with a local expert (us) who understands the local benefits market, and is right here to support you when you need guidance. We streamline the HR function so you and your team can focus on what’s important to you - growing your business.