Carnegie Mellon University

Chuck Goldstone

Chuck Goldstone

Communication Strategist


Early Stage Startups, Management/Executive Leadership Development


No matter how good your idea, you have to convinced others. It’s about the story..... and a focused strategy. Startups often falter, not because their technologies aren’t good, but because the stories they tell aren’t clear, engaging, differentiating, and memorable. Yet, it is not just about an investor deck or elevator pitch. It's about your strategy to identify stakeholders---whether investors, markets, or strategic partners--- and how to structure your ideas to move audiences to action with the right message, to get audiences to say, "I get it. Tell me more.” Capturing attention, Engaging, Being clear and memorable. Chuck offers an internationally recognized model that has dramatically changed how companies tell their story.  So, bring your decks, your goals, your challenges, and an open mind.  Chat with Chuck, authority on business communication and story, who has helped more than a thousand of organizations in the US, Europe, and Asia find their voice, secure funding, improve their business plans, and become more successful.    

CHUCK GOLDSTONE  Communication Strategist, Author, Entrepreneur, Coach, Insight Catalyst, Creative Muse, Story Extractor, Radio Commentator, Vision Architect, Pitch Piper, Purveyor of Tough Love.

Chuck was founder, CEO, and  Chief Story Catalyst of Chuck Goldstone | Strategies and Stories. He has coached and influenced thousands of companies, from startups through global giants, such as Pepsi-Cola, Fidelity, Keurig, and hundreds of other in nearly every sector.