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LaunchCMU showcases entrepreneurship at CMU — cutting-edge research and innovations from students, alumni, faculty and staff — while bringing together the investment community, regional business leaders and CMU alumni.

LaunchCMU May 16, 2018

LaunchCMU Spring 2018

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Oracle Conference Center
350 Oracle Pkwy
Redwood City, CA 94065 

*Free parking*

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Watch the Showcase Talks from our October 10, 2017 Event

Fall 2017 Schedule of Events

photo of student demonstrating his product

Demo & Poster Session

3:30-4:30 pm (Part 1)
5:30-7 pm (Part 2)

Register to participate! Registration deadline is Friday, September 15, 2017.

See the latest from CMU student, faculty and alumni startups.

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Showcase Talks

4:30-5:30 pm

Hear Robotics in Manufacturing presentations by CMU student, faculty and alumni startups including:

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Networking Reception

5:30-7 pm

Network with other entrepreneurs and investors while continuing to browse the Demo & Poster Session. Refreshments will be served.

"The [LaunchCMU] event was a great event for us. We were able to connect with prospective investors, many of which were from outside the region. In addition, it was inspiring to interact with other founders and see the breadth of innovation being driven by students and alumni of CMU."

- Jim Ruiz, Founder and CEO, CDL Warrior, Developed by Next Gauge, Inc.

Fall 2017 Demo & Poster Session Exhibitors


The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute

Transforming US Manufacturing Through Innovations and Education in Robotics

Gary Fedder
Suzy Teele

The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute advances robotic technologies and supports education and workforce training to secure national interests and enable US manufacturers to compete on a global basis. In the near-term, ARM will make robots more versatile and cost effective, support rapid deployment and re-purposing of robots and create collaborative and safe robots.

Airviz Inc

Airviz Inc.

Air Space Intelligence

Illah Nourbakhsh
Dave Litton
Michael Taylor
Christopher Bartley
Jonathan Carreon
Josh Schapiro
Sara Longo

Airviz automates the reaction to bad air by expertly providing air quality sensing, analysis, interactive visualization and the structure for a clear sensor-solution communication infrastructure, and doing it in a way that is intuitive, unobtrusive, maintenance-free and transparent.

AlphaLab Gear

AlphaLab Gear

2018 AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup

Ilana Diamond
Leah Simoncelli

The AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup is an international pitch competition for early-stage hardware startups based in Pittsburgh, PA. Physical product companies apply to pitch in regional competitions in the US, then National Finals and even International Finals, for a shot at $50,000 plus software and other great prizes.

Anactisis Logo

Anactisis, LLC

Scandium: The Secret Ingredient for New Technologies and Materials

Clinton Noack
Athanasios Karamalidis

Anactisis develops selective adsorbent media and deploys engineered separation systems for the recovery of scandium and rare earth elements from unconventional sources, primarily large-volume industrial wastes.



Providing the Right Intervention at the Right Time in Real-Time.

Jeremy Guttman
Ellie Gordon
Ryan O'Shea

Behaivior is developing an innovative approach to predict and prevent opioid relapse and overdose using wrist wearables and artificial
intelligence. They provide the right intervention at the right time in real-time to keep people clean and sober.

BuiltFIT Logo


Building Portfolio Data Analytics Tool

Azizan Aziz
Mike Broeker

BuildFIT is a building data analytics tool that informs investment and operational decision-making for owners and facility managers with large building portfolios. It provides financial metrics for building owners and CFOs to quantify cost, payback and ROI of retrofit projects and identify buildings for facility managers to target by providing actionable insights to reduce energy consumption and improve building occupant comfort.

CapSen Robotics

CapSen Robotics

CapSen PiC: An All-In-One Bin Picking Solution

Jared Glover
Mark Schnepf

CapSen SPUs (Sensing & Planning Units) enable robots to see and plan motions in cluttered 3D spaces. Their first product, CapSen PiC, provides an SPU for bin picking in factories.

Caterpillar Math

Caterpillar Math

Rita Quintela
Diogo Barroso

An educational technology startup searching for new ways to improve kids' math skills using mobile games as math learning tools.



John Choi

Advanced educational robotics to teach and inspire.

Connect Robotics

Connect Robotics

Raphael Stanzani

Connect Robotics  developed a navigation and control software for multi-rotors to automate drones for transport. Aware of the speed of technology development, Connect Robotics strategy is to develop a Hardware Independent system, which means it can work on multirotors from different manufacturers, not staying attached to a single platform/manufacturer.



SMART Pillow

Samuel Hassel Jr.
Malik B. Parker

A memory foam pillow embedded with a bluetooth speaker system and vibrating motor that enables the user to listen to music,
audiobooks, movies, take phone calls (via “pillow-talk” system) or set an alarm (“shake-and-wake” feature) all from the comfort of their own bed.

Digital Dream Labs

Digital Dream Labs

Partnership with Wonder Workshop

Jacob Hanchar
Justin Sabo
Matt Stewart

Digital Dream Lab's first product Puzzlets now can connect in real time in the real world with other hardware applications like Wonder Workshop's Dash robot.



Batuhan Erturk
Drew Bermudez

A smarter dishwasher that can see your dishes. Water savings of up to 75% and infinitely more convenient.



Ryan Stinebaugh
Harrison Landis

Evize aims to create better infrastructure in eSports for professional and amateur level play. They want to bring their experience with traditional youth sports and player development to eSports to create a better route for players to reach the top level.


Expii, Inc.

Personalized Learning

Po-Shen Loh

Expii is a virtual tutor for math and science, rich in diversity and personalization, powered by scalable algorithms (artificial intelligence) and crowdsourcing and accessible on any smartphone or web browser.

find technologies

find technologies

Nathan Pitzer
Niki Kittur

70% of web searches are simple and have simple answers: What's the weather? Who play's quarterback for the Steelers? find technologies was created to address the other 30% of searches done online: What neighborhood should I live in? What camera
should I buy?

HEBI Robotics

HEBI Robotics

Howie Choset
Dave Rollinson
Matt Tesch
Curtis Layton
Florian Enner
Bob Raida

HEBI Robotics is a spin-off from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh that produces Lego-like robotic building blocks. The HEBI platform consists of hardware and software that make it easy to create world class robots, of virtually any configuration, quickly and easily.

IAM Robotics

IAM Robotics

Picking Technology

Thomas Galluzzo
Vladimir Altman

IAM robotics was founded in 2012 by Tom Galluzzo and Vladimir Altman, both of which previously worked for CMU's National Robotics
Engineering Center (NREC). IAM Robotics provides autonomous mobile manipulation solutions for distribution and manufacturing
operations, which are being driven by exponential growth in eCommerce and increasing demands for faster inventory and manufacturing




Hayden Cardiff
Nick Bartel
Andrew Russell

Idelic is an enterprise software startup that specializes in safety and risk management solutions for the transportation industry. Their flagship product, SafetyBox, translates complex data into actionable insights by using predictive analytics, IoT integrations and machine learning algorithms to help fleets better manage their data and identify at-risk drivers.

Inven Tower Logo


A Smart Inventory System for Makers

Matthew Spettel
Gabe Madonna

The InvenTower is a modular and portable inventory system for makers and collectors. Consisting of a “base unit” at the bottom, additional “modules” stacked above and a smartphone app, the InvenTower is a toolbox-sized system allows users to easily locate and track a large number of items using LED indication.


Leaf Shave

Shave Free for Life

Adam Simone
Adam Hahn

Leaf Shave uses a proprietary, patent-pending design for a new type of razor that delivers a premium shave experience while undercutting
the shave giants and the newer shave club on price and value.

Locye logo


Revolutionizing Context-Aware Interactions

Sajjad Mustehsan
Zainub Mustehsan

Locye is revolutionizing proximity and time based interactions on the ground (e.g. car to car) and aboard airliners by leveraging AR, AI,
Big Data, Messaging, Mobile and GIS.


LumiShield Technologies

Dave Luebke
Hunaid Nulwala
John Watkins
Xu Zhou

LumiShield has developed an effective, inexpensive, environmentally-responsible anti-corrosion coating for steel and other metals.


Nabla Ascent

Inventory Management and Infrastructure Inspection through Drones

Sankalp Arora
Daniel Maturana
Geetesh Dubey
Robb Myer

Nabla Ascent provides drone autonomy solutions for high-value commercial and defense applications, with a focus on operating safely around humans in environments without GPS. They are developing autonomous data gathering solutions that can provide 24X7 live data, resulting in mitigated losses and safer operations.


NetBeez, Inc.

Distributed Network Monitoring

Stefano Gridelli
Panickos Neophytou
Panos Vouzis

NetBeez is a network performance monitoring company that verifies connectivity, network and application performance for large and distributed networks. Dedicated monitoring sensors installed at remote office locations capture the end user experience and relay information to a centralized dashboard, highlighting where performance issues have occurred.

Nimbus Logo

Nimbus Bionics

Xunjie Zhang
Anand Kapadia
Randy Sargent

Nimbus builds bionic shoes for urban commuters. Nimbus shoes are a pair of shoes that you can step in with your everyday shoes and enable you to walk twice as fast. The experience is similar to walking on the moving walkway - the shoes adapt to your walking speed thereby making them a natural extension of your legs.



NoRILLA (Novel Research-based Intelligent Lifelong Learning Apparatus)

Nesra Yannier
Ken Koedinger
Scott Hudson

NoRILLA is developing a new mixed-reality system bridging physical and virtual worlds to improve children's inquiry based STEM learning in a
more enjoyable and collaborative way. Research conducted at Carnegie Mellon with over 200 children has shown that their system
improves children's learning by 5 times while also increasing enjoyment.



Albert Topdjian
Rehan Butt
Luke Hottinger
Eddy Man Kim

Processly is an adaptive learning platform that uses an infinite digital whiteboard making it easy for teachers and schools to apply modern
teaching methods in the classroom.

Quick Connections

Quick Connections

Smart Business Cards

Gus Jenkins
Adam Blazczak

Quick Connections is enhancing in-person interactions with its Smart Business Card, The QC-Card. Quick Connections aims to retain
90%, a 10X increase, of connections made via the business card.


Skycision Inc.

Get a Bigger Picture, Make Better Decisions

Brendan Carroll
Alec Assaad

Skycision provides the global agriculture industry with an image based tool for decision support that helps to increase yields and reduce
the costs of field inputs. The SaaS solution provides near real time insights to the changing conditions of a growers fields and puts the
farmer back in control of every acre they have under harvest.



Leon Du

TalkMeUp is a smart soft skill training that uses Machine Learning to assess presenter's speech patterns and mannerism and provide
customized learning experience.



Wearable Sensors for Safety, Increasing First Responder's Safety and Effectiveness.

Rui Rosas
Duarte Dias

WESENSS developed a patent pending wearable solution to monitor and transmit on real-time each first responder physiological, geo-location and environmental parameters. This system will help to better manage teams on the field, increasing both team effectiveness and individual safety. This solution is being tested on field with First Responders’ Corporations in Portugal.

Wise Telemetry

Wise Telemetry, LLC

Optimizing Delivieries. Saving Money.

Eric Wise

Wise Telemetry is a leading supplier of remote monitoring for the industrial, beverage and medical gas industries. With the Wise Telemetry sensor system, gas distributors can monitor supply and usage data at each of their customer’s sites which improves delivery route
planning, usage tracking and future demand prediction.

Watch the talks and presentations from our May 23, 2017 Event

LaunchCMU Spring 2017