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LaunchCMU showcases entrepreneurship at CMU — cutting-edge research and innovations from students, alumni, faculty and staff — while bringing together the investment community, regional business leaders and CMU alumni.


LaunchCMU October 2, 2018

LaunchCMU Spring 2018

A Technology Startup and Research Showcase

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Carnegie Mellon University
Tepper Quad
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

LaunchCMU May 16, 2018

LaunchCMU Spring 2018

A Technology Startup and Research Showcase

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Oracle Conference Center
350 Oracle Pkwy
Redwood City, CA 94065 

Spring 2018 Schedule of Events

photo of student demonstrating his product

Demo & Poster Session

2-3 pm (Part 1)
4:30-6 pm (Part 2)

See the latest from CMU student, faculty and alumni startups.

photo of LaunchCMU speaker

Showcase Talks

3-4:30 pm

Hear Science@CMU presentations by CMU student, faculty and alumni startups.

  • Rebecca W. Doerge, Glen de Vries Dean of the Mellon College of Science, Carnegie Mellon University
  • DJ Kleinbaum, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Emerald Cloud Lab
  • Amber Lucas, Co-founder, Impact Proteomics
  • Thanasis Karamalidis, Co-founder & CEO, Anactisis; Clint Noack, COO & Co-founder, Anactisis
  • Tonia Simakova, Founder and Director of Research and Development, BioHybrid Solutions
  • Hunaid Nulwala, CTO, LumiShield Technologies

photo of man speaking to another man

Networking Reception

4:30-6 pm

Network with other entrepreneurs and investors while continuing to browse the Demo & Poster Session. Refreshments will be served.

"The [LaunchCMU] event was a great event for us. We were able to connect with prospective investors, many of which were from outside the region. In addition, it was inspiring to interact with other founders and see the breadth of innovation being driven by students and alumni of CMU."

- Jim Ruiz, Founder and CEO, CDL Warrior, Developed by Next Gauge, Inc.

Spring 2018 Demo & Poster Session Exhibitors



Adrich Post Sales Data Analytics Platform

Adhithi Aji
Janelle Aslam
Mani Honigstein
Robert Kotcher
Ranjith Shanbhag

Adrich collects and transmits product usage data autonomously through connected smart product labels, so consumer brands can better understand and serve their consumers. Consumer products companies collect large amounts of data about customers and in-store sales, but as soon as a product leaves the store there is no information about how, when or where their products are being used - Adrich solves this problem by providing a real-time granular after-sales data analytics platform. Each unit of product tracks the demographics of the consumer, the rate of consumption, the exact time of day it is being used and when a consumer runs
out. With this data, now brands can better understand their consumers and make products more suited to their needs thus maximizing sales and improving brand loyalty.



Scandium: From Valorization of Fly Ash to Enabling New Technologies and Markets

Thanasis Karamalidis
Clint Noack

Anactisis develops selective adsorbent media and deploys engineered separation systems for the recovery of scandium and rare earth elements (REE) from unconventional sources, primarily large-volume industrial wastes. Anactisis intends to shift the paradigm of extractive metallurgy to more selective, decentralized and sustainable technologies; diversify REE sources; and enable the development of new materials and technologies by providing scandium and REE, while stabilizing the waste source.

BioHybrid Solutions

BioHybrid Solutions

Antonina Simakova
Alan Russell
Kris Matyjaszewski

BioHybrid Solutions uses polymer technology to rationally and precisely modify proteins with polymers to dramatically improve their stability and performance useful for catalytic chemical and pharma industry and therapeutic applications.

Block Engine


Licensable Blockchain Casino Technology

Gary Peters
Gab Maher
Ben Whittle

50% of all transactions on the blockchain are gambling. BlockEngine taps into this high trafficked market by developing licensable blockchain casino technology. They are currently preparing for our ICO at the end of the summer.


Boundless VR

Brad Factor
Rachel Gu
Bobby Li
Clare Cui

Boundless VR develops immersion-enhancing products for the 10 million users in the $3.7 Billion Virtual Reality market. Their current product, a compact motorized wearable, solves the locomotion problem by making walking around in virtual reality as simple and natural as everyday life, while only requiring an 8 by 10 foot physical area.



Tony Zhao
Kyusong Lee
Yilian Liu
Maxine Eskenazi

ConvMind is fundamentally changing how businesses attract, retain and interact with customers by using the power of AI to achieve complex tasks through conversation. Founded by world-leading experts in deep learning dialog systems, ConvMind gives businesses the power to easily create customized AI-driven chatbots that can engage users long-term in tasks ranging from marketing to medical diagnosis.



CubeRovers for Lunar Exploration

Benjamin Martin
Fernando Marill-Tabares
Andrew Tallaksen

CubeRover aims to commercialize and democratize access to planetary surfaces through low cost, reliable, modular rovers. Starting with the moon, their rovers will drive innovation and access to space exploration and scientific discovery.

Delta Brain

Delta Brain Inc.

Predictive Scheduling

Adam Lichtl

Most staffing, scheduling and logistics work is currently done in clunky Excel spreadsheets using ad hoc heuristics with no forward-looking analytics. Delta Brain Inc. provides comprehensive machine learning-based cloud solutions to optimize our clients' day-to-day operations and long term capacity planning decisions.

ESTAT Actuation

ESTAT Actuation

Electroadhsive Clutches for Efficient, Lightweight Robotic Actuation

Stuart Diller
Dr. Carmel Majidi
Dr. Steven Collins

ESTAT Actuatiuon created a novel Electroadhesive Clutch technology that weighs 10 times less and consumes 1000 times less power than its traditional counterparts. Their technology promises to make robots more versatile and safe by providing actuators and transmissions that are adaptable, powerful, efficient and lightweight.



Nathan Pitzer
Rishabh Varshney
Vivek Menon

Find recycles the 70 billion hours of search waste every year - allowing its users to solve problems faster.

Heart I/O

Heart I/O

Unique Machine-Aided Matrix Algorithm

Nick Flanigan
Utkars Jain
Adam Butchy
Michael Leasure
Dr. Emerson Liu

Heart Input Output, Inc. is an artificial intelligence and machine learning startup developing technology for use in cardiovascular diagnostics and remote patient monitoring.

Impact Proteomics

Impact Proteomics

Protein Clean Up Kit for Faster and Higher Quality Discovery Phase

Amber Lucas
Jonathan S. Minden

Impact Proteomics makes sample preparation tools that take the work out of the front end of biomarker and drug discovery workflows so that researchers can get useful data faster, be more confident in their results and ultimately get high impact therapies and diagnostic tools to market faster.

LumiShield Technologies

LumiShield Technologies

Hunaid Nulwala
Dave Luebke
Brett Luebke

LumiShield Technologies has developed a novel class of protective coatings for metal products. LumiShield coatings are attractive, resistant to wear and corrosion and produced in a process which uses no toxic chemicals.


Orby, Inc.

Orby - The future of sidekick robots

Shrey Malhotra
Kobe Wang

Orby is on a mission to build robots that can help save employees from carrying out tasks that are repeatable and manual so that they can invest their time elsewhere. They are helping businesses to solve their most unpleasant problems. Using thier Indoor flying robots and advanced analytics platform, a business can track its assets, optimize inventory, scan barcodes, run surveillance and even map out their warehouses, backrooms and more. Orby is bringing safe flying robots to help our workforces and be the perfect sidekicks to the greatest superheroes on earth - humans.


RedMarlin Inc.

Zero-Day Phishing Protection Using AI

Abhishek Dubey
Shashi Prakash

RedMarlin uses state of the art of AI algorithms to protect its customers from zero-day phishing and other counterfeit websites in real-time.

Renerva LLC

Renerva, LLC

Injectable Gel for Nerve Functional Recovery

Lorenzo Soletti
Bryan Brown
Paul Gardner
Jonathan Cheetham

Renerva is developing the next generation of medical technologies for acute and chronic peripheral nerve injury. Renerva's first product, the peripheral nerve matrix or PNM, is an injectable gel that improves the speed and functional recovery of nerves following injury.



Grey Yang

TalkMeUp is an AI based software company who provides on-demand and personalized communication training at 1/10th~1/100th of the traditional training costs.

Yodel Labs

Yodel Labs Inc.

High Accuracy Indoor Localization for Mobile Devices

Patrick Lazik
Anthony Rowe
Nick Wilkerson

Yodel Labs demonstrates the Acoustic Location Processing System (ALPS): a centimeter-level accurate, ultrasound based indoor localization system for off-the-shelf smartphones and tablets. ALPS enables high accuracy localization applications such as multi-user augmented reality, fine grained retail analytics and next generation assistive technologies.



Anuraag Jain

Zensors AI platforms allows you using existing camera infrastructure to create virtual sensors that provide answers to critical business questions.

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