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CSL Project Course

The CSL Project Course pairs teams of graduate students with companies looking to be more entrepreneurial.

Have an idea you want to explore? Don’t have the time or resources to fully examine it, but think it could be transformative for your company? Join a cohort of peer companies and work with Carnegie Mellon University graduate students to investigate what’s possible over the course of a semester.

CSL Fellows

The Corporate Startup Lab looks for interdisciplinary graduate students at CMU to work as paid CVC / Innovation Associates for one of the following companies: Optum (of UnitedHealth Group), Bosch, or numo (of PNC). Fellows are placed in teams of two for the course of the semester, working closely with corporate sponsors on a weekly basis. 


Corporate Entrepreneurship Forum 

Hosted annually, our Corporate Entrepreneurship Forum brings together the brightest and most exciting minds in the field of corporate innovation.  Uniquely themed each year, the Forum strives to address expanding trends in  topics such as healthcare, artificial intelligence, Fintech, and more.

Fifth Annual Corporate Entrepreneurship Forum Artificial Intelligence for Applied Innovation (November 2 2023!)

Fourth Annual Corporate Entrepreneurship Forum Technology for Innovation's Sake 

Third Annual Corporate Entrepreneurship Forum Scaling the Future for 2021 and Beyond                                    

Second Annual Corporate Entrepreneurship Forum Reimaginging your Business in 2020


CSL Case Competition

Since 2022, Corporate Startup Wide as hosted a nationwide, all graduate student Case Competition.  CSL challenges students to develop real, viable business solutions to problems in equity in a particiular industry.  The Case Competition kicks off in August with team registrations and culuminates in an in person Final Round at Carnegie Mellon, this year on November 1st, 2023.

CSL Tools and Resources

CSL strives to create Tools and Resources to jumpstart thinking, planning, and communicating for corporate startup ideas.

We are continuing to grow our tools and resources to support corporate entrepreneurs. We'd love to hear feedback if you try them.

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