Carnegie Mellon University

Olga Pogoda

Olga Pogoda

COO, KEF Robotics


Accounting, Crowdfunding, Early Stage Startups, Hardware, Manufacturing, Marketing, Medical Markets & Strategy, Smart Cities, Web Design


If you are launching a new company but you're not sure what the next move is? Reach out to Olga Pogoda. Over the last 10 years, Olga has worked with startups, small businesses, and government organizations to develop strategies and methods for growth, marketing, and funding. Olga has also worked as an independent crowdfunding consultant to ambitious makers and startup entrepreneurs who had developed products that were ready to move up to the next level. Olga designed and managed crowdfunding campaigns that raised roughly $2.3 million for startups all over the country.

If you're interested in Smart City Technology or advanced robotics and AI implementation in partnership with government organizations, Olga can help as well. Her experience lies in site selection, feasibility studies, market assessments, and construction. Olga has previously worked with city, state, provinces, and federal governments and federally funded organizations such as the Department of Defense, White House OSTP, DARPA, and NASA.

Olga is also knowledgeable about robotics, manufacturing and web design.