Carnegie Mellon University

Dan Hersh

Dan Hersh

Founder, Engaged Prospect

Pittsburgh, PA




Dan has spent the last two decades helping companies grow. In addition to teaching entrepreneurs at business incubators around the country, he's also facilitated sales programs at higher ed institutions such as Cornell, CMU, and the University of Buffalo. Dan is the founder and president of Engaged Prospect, an inside sales and sales development company headquartered in Pittsburgh. Since 2015, Engaged Prospect has helped over 30 high growth companies launch their sales efforts, focusing on sales management, operations and execution. 
Topics of expertise:
- launching a sales effort
- sales models and structures
- sales training and methodology
- sales and marketing technologies
- entrepreneur-as-salesperson - how to grow your business when the CEO is responsible for selling
- scaling a sales program - how to move from entrepreneur-as-salesperson to establishing your first outbound sales effort
- sales HR - recruiting, compensation, territory planning, quota building
- leading a sales effort