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Swartz Center Startups in Action


The Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship welcomes all Carnegie Mellon University current and alumni entrepreneurs and startups. Our brand new space in the Tepper Quad was made possible thanks to a generous gift by alumnus and entrepreneur James R. Swartz.

The Swartz Center space covers over 8,000 square feet with 10 built in "garage" office spaces. Each garage is home to a startup founded by Carnegie Mellon University alumni, undergraduates, graduates, post-docs and faculty. Additionally, multiple dedicated and first-come-first-serve tables are available throughout the open space for any approved Carnegie Mellon University related startups to use.

Interested in working out of the Swartz Center?

The Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship is a curated entrepreneurship space for affiliated Carnegie Mellon University entrepreneurs and startups. The application process requires the following:

  • Must have one CMU affiliated founder (Student, Faculty, Staff, Alumni)
  • Completion of the CMU Startup Application on Pralent 
  • A meeting with a member of the Swartz Center Access Committee

If you have any questions please email Aleks Petkov.

Apply Here



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First-Come First-Served Tables

First-come first-served table image

Approved entrepreneurs who are still working on exploring their entrepreneurship idea or are in the early stages of their startup are welcome to use any of the available first-come first-served tables.

They also have 24-hour access to the space and are able to request reservations for the Swartz Center conference rooms.

Dedicated Tables

Dedicated table image

Entrepreneurs who have demonstrated significant progress and commitment to their startup through their work at the Swartz Center are assigned a dedicated table.

Dedicated tables are clearly marked with the startups logo and/or name and are reserved for use only by that startup. Lockers are assigned to each dedicated table for storage of items overnight.



Use of one of the ten Swartz Center garages is reserved for the entrepreneurs who have shown the most progress, committment, and dedication to their startup.

Garages are assigned by the Swartz Center Access Committee and are reviewed on a quarterly basis. The target duration for a startup in a garage is a year.

Project Olympus


Project Olympus space, located just off campus, also has offices, dedicated desks and co-working space. Startups can work out of the Swartz Center Main Campus and also sign up for Project Olympus to tap into additional resources to help with finding product/market fit, developing your business model, making connections and attracting funding. Project Olympus will team you up with a business coach to develop a personalized ‘roadmap.

Project Olympus

Startups in the Space


3D Circuitry Inc.

We are the STEM kit company that inspires individuals to create a fun project while learning how to solder with circuitry components.




We turn website analytics into actionable insights. Say goodbye to the guesswork. Use powerful data analytics to illuminate your customer's path through your website. Understand their journey transparently, and enhance your sales funnel with AI-optimized design suggestions. Elevate your business with actionable intelligence – because your data deserves a hero.



Advanced Optronics

Advanced Optronics, LLC (AO) designs and manufactures implantable smart sensors to improve patient outcomes in a wide array of medical applications for minimally invasive surgery. AO’s first product is an integrated force and position sensor for cochlear implants (CIs). These sensors provide real-time feedback to surgeons during CI surgery to reduce surgical trauma and avoid damage to residual hearing during implantation. 



AGIS Media

AGIS Media is a digital advertising agency that works with established E-commerce brands to skyrocket their sales. The AGIS Media team has helped many DTC businesses scale to multiple seven and eight figures through social media ads.




We provide deep visibility and monitoring of cloud infrastructure security, compliance, and operational issues



BAM! Bottle

BAM! Bottle is a portable container that heats liquids on the go. We change beverage temperature through battery power alone to ensure that your drink is always at your perfect temperature. This means customers get the convenience of controlling the temperature of their drink wherever and whenever. BAM! Bottle–for those everyday moments where you need a little BAM!



b.Ready Wellness

b.You Wellness is a functional herbal supplement provider dedicated to helping customers reach their peak performance. 

At b.You, we believe in the power of science and use only science-backed, high-quality, plant-based, and natural ingredients to develop products the body needs to repair, recover, and excel.

Our first product, b.Ready, is a delicious and expert-formulated alcohol detox gummy that alleviates hangover symptoms while supporting faster liver detoxification and repairing skin damage.

b.Better, b.Best, and b.You!



BlinkLink Technologies

Influencer-powered social commerce platform. 




Zero deposit solution for small to mid-sized rental operators. 



Colorball Numbers

The website operates “Pick-4” number games that can be played for free on computers or mobile devices once a day. Winners receive big CA$H prizes instantly.  A new winning number is randomly generated every 30 seconds, 24/7/365, by differently colored bouncing balls.




Conduit is a fully automated digital staffing platform where companies are provided with vetted, reliable shift-based workers - dynamically staffed to open positions based on both business needs and personal priorities. Whether they're planning for seasonal demands or trying to fill in for a last minute no-show, companies can be assured of a supply chain of labor while empowering workers to build their own future.




Culina is a  web 2.0 local community food sharing mobile App. There two end-users of the App, the ‘cooks’ and the ‘diner’ can sell and buy restaurant/home-cooked meals from their next-door neighbors. 




DUEye envisions an accurate method to detect intoxication. A user-based method that would guarantee secure and private easy access. Constructed on decades of standardized practices optimized by harnessing the technological leadership found at Carnegie Mellon University.



Elio AI

Elio's proprietary technologies deliver medical-imaging AI that is intuitive and understandable for clinicians using handheld and other point-of-care imaging modalities. Our unique approaches create AI that can be trusted for reliable, real-time AI diagnosis and treatment guidance for a range of crucial clinical applications, including ultrasound trauma assessment, tumor classification and biopsy, and ophthalmology.


enterview-ai.png is an innovative platform designed to help individuals enhance their interview preparation through realistic interview simulations and personalized feedback.




ergLocale is bridging EV fleets and renewable energy for a sustainable future. Fleet owners, renewable energy developers and OEMs across the world use ergLocale for their electrification missions powered by software, data and IoT devices.




Fit4Friends® is a mobile app that provides a platform for users to compete to lose weight! Within the app, users can connect with friends, create weight loss challenges, and track their individual weight loss. Fit4Friends serves both B2B and B2C users, perfect for corporate weight loss challenges or competitions among friends and family.



Glen Lake Pioneering

Glen Lake Pioneering is a venture studio that commercializes technology to solve customers’ problems. Operational execution is the scarcest commodity in venture creation. Glen Lake provides an innovation operations focus to consult with enterprises, accelerate existing ventures, and create new ventures that commercialize great products.



GT Entrepreneurs

GT Entrepreneurs (GTE) is a private investment firm that works with a group of entrepreneurial Operators-in-Residence (OIR) looking to individually acquire, operate, and grow privately held businesses. GTE offers business owners a unique transition opportunity. Our entrepreneurs are ready to step into the ownership role and create long-term value for the company, while preserving the legacy that has been built.




Healome tracks all the biomarkers in a single place to assess personalized risk scores and detects abnormal trends. We compute biological age based on several blood markers to quantify how various day-to-day habits and interventions like exercise, sleeping patterns, diet regimes, drugs, and supplements affect your biological age with personalized insights. Our mission is to enable everyone to optimize their health and accelerate the large-scale community-based biomarker discovery research.




HiredHome is a tech-enabled property management company who wants to make owning and maintaining your home as easy as possible.




involveMINT mobilizes and binds community resources through exchanges to meet social needs not addressed by traditional funding and marketing economies. Our Community Exchange Network empowers "ChangeMakers" to work on impactful projects by earning a currency accepted and exchanged among businesses, residents, and organizations, affording access to goods and services while keeping wealth local. 




We are building AI powered tools to increase reply rates for cold-emails




We believe community is your greatest asset. Jumble is a mobile platform where people find their community through nearby groups and gatherings.




Kloopify is a sustainable procurement SaaS platform that empowers procurement with the data, analytics, and visibility into the environmental impact of all suppliers, commodities, and transactions




Kryptik simplifies and secures online ownership. The Kryptik wallet allows people to save, send, and collect cryptocurrency across 10+ blockchains.



Last Papers

Last Papers is an early stage startup focused on helping next of kin close financial accounts after death to allow people to focus on mourning their loved ones and not on paperwork.




NeptuneChain revolutionizes water quality management with its advanced platform, utilizing sensors and blockchain for efficient trading. Specializing in agriculture, we provide real-time data, facilitate credit marketplaces, and help farmers generate extra revenue while adopting cutting-edge technology for a sustainable future in North America.




Nile is essentially Uber for connecting delivery addresses. We connect people who need an address to accept deliveries with people who can provide one, using our web app and mobile apps. We work to help people living in informal settlements (urban slums) worldwide without a physical address tagged to their homes access e-commerce and other package deliveries, along with all the benefits of having an address. 


Norilla Logo


NoRILLA (Novel Research-based Intelligent Lifelong Learning Apparatus) is a new award-winning mixed-reality system that bridges the advantages of physical and virtual worlds to improve children's STEM learning, fostering scientific curiosity and 21st century critical thinking skills. 



Orca Oasis

We specialize in empowering recreational boats with cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and self-driving capabilities. Collaborating closely with boat makers, we seamlessly integrate our well-tested autonomous technology, bolstered by fully self-driving navigation data from over half a million miles, into their systems. Together, we're revolutionizing water activities by creating a safer, more accessible, and environmentally friendly boating experience for everyone to enjoy.



Parashar Med-Tech

Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is severe bleeding that occurs after childbirth. PPH affects around 14 million women annually and accounts for 3 million deaths. 90% of these deaths occur in developing and underdeveloped countries since PPH can become life-threatening if no medical aid is available. Our solution for this life-threatening condition is a portable hemostatic device that stops profuse bleeding within minutes and can be used in hospitals and non-hospital settings, thus giving a mother another chance to spend her life with her child and loved ones. No woman deserves to die on the best day of her life. 




Pendulum uses big data to capture the real time dynamic between supply and demand, and use the insights to guide businesses to improve sell through rate, reduce inventory waste and cut the manual research time by 90%.



Sastra Robotics

We design & manufacture Robotic Systems & Solutions with a specialised focus on Intelligent Test Automation Tools. Our award-winning product, QUACO-Quality Assurance Companion is a robotics-aided test automation platform. Using robotics, AI & cloud-based analytics we offer QA team efficiency up to 20x, testing automation coverage up to 95% & reducing the regression test cost by 50% as well as regression testing time by up to 70%. Currently, we are focussing more on Automotive IVI & consumer electronics smart interface testing & validation.



Schenker Design

Schenker Design is a software venture focussed on the research and development of mobile user interface systems, optimizing for user behavioral health.



sovaSage Inc.

sovaSage leverages artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies to revolutionize the treatment of sleep apnea.



Squirrel Rental

We built a zillow-like software embedded in wechat to let landlords or tenants to post rentals and sublets. Next, we will migrate the software off wechat onto the blockchain. We will award Non Fungible Tokens to housing agents who help people find rentals or purchasing real estates. By leveraging blockchain, good housing agents can earn more on what they deserve, and the honest and capable agent stands out on the distributed transaction history. 




TOMO is a fine product design studio that makes 3D printable home office goods. 




Tunized aims to change the way music is being played in business spaces. Tunized offers professionally curated music & fully licensed to business spaces. Tunized enables business spaces to play smart music to enhance their user experience.



Upview is an all-in-one YouTube chrome extension that provides users with intelligent suggestions on what to do next. It is primarily built on three major components: SEO, Viewer Sentiment, and Competitor analysis. These components allow to give users a fully customized set of actions and suggestions to take complete control of their audience and make the right content.




Operating AI to let any robotic arm be AI powered, movable and re-programmable. Instantly.




A new web platform that makes it easier to discover new cultural things to do. 




WisdomPlan is an AI-powered, community-driven learning platform oriented around the problem of creating and implementing personalized learning plans. We accelerate online learning by using AI to automatically generate personalized learning plans  within minutes and to facilitate implementation and reflection with integrated supports.


Business Products (B2B) A-H

  • Adskate
  • Awiros
  • Balloon
  • BlackLocus
  • Blastpoint
  • ConvMind
  • Dadel
  • Evolute
  • FindNotice
  • Fooala
  • Gather AI
  • Hikari Labs

Business Products (B2B) I-S

  • InvenTower
  • Kermdinger Studios
  • Marinus Analytics
  • MedReportGuide (MRG)
  • Neon
  • NetBeez
  • Orta Interactive Studio
  • Petuum
  • Pixite
  • Safaba Translational Systems
  • Senebrum
  • Shine Registry
  • SimpL

Business Products (B2B) S-Z

  • Skeema
  • SlapVid
  • Slingshot
  • Solvvy
  • Sparkline
  • SpiralGen
  • StatEasy
  • Stitchbridge
  • TalkMeUp
  • Traansmission
  • UberSpark
  • ViralMoment
  • Yodel Labs
  • Zensors


  • Airviz
  • Building Ideas Group (BIG)
  • Chement
  • EEme
  • Farm to Flame Energy
  • Gridfruit
  • Hillside Hydro
  • Hyliion
  • LeanFM Technologies
  • Oxide Enterprises
  • Platypus
  • Rapid Flow Technologies
  • SolePower
  • SparkMeter
  • Tartan Battery Network
  • Teratonix

Consumer Products (B2C)

  • Antecea
  • Aurochs Brewing
  • Banter
  • Beatbots
  • Brew Gentlemen Beer Co.
  • CareerImp (aka Resunate)
  • Carnegie Debate
  • CheerNotes
  • Digital Dream Labs
  • Faber
  • FacioMetrics
  • Glimmer
  • Little Moochi
  • Pairi
  • Pittsburgh Knights
  • PupCycled
  • Rise and Grind
  • Swaset
  • ZenRez


  • Accel Diagnostics
  • Beyond Lucid Technologies
  • BioBind
  • BioHybrid Solutions
  • Biombyx
  • Enabyl AI
  • Enzium
  • Equa Health
  • Heart I/O
  • Ocean Genomics
  • Organoid Therapeutics
  • Qualaris Healthcare Solutions
  • QuantMD
  • Root Health Coach
  • SemanticMD
  • Treatspace
  • Vera Therapeutics (aka True Code)

Medical Devices

  • Abililife
  • Activaided Orthotics
  • AnCure
  • Audition Tech
  • EXG Wear
  • Fibulas
  • Fluid Form 3D
  • Forest Devices
  • Human Motion Technologies
  • Impact Proteomics
  • Lifeware Labs
  • MindTrace
  • PECA Labs
  • Precision Neuroscopics
  • Rebion (REBIScan)
  • Rubitection


  • Bito Robotics
  • Bloomfield Robotics
  • Choitek
  • CubeRover
  • ESTAT Actuation
  • Fifth Season (previously Robotany)
  • Four Growers
  • HEBI Robotics
  • Mach9 Robotics
  • Mayim
  • Phlux Technologies
  • Piecemaker
  • RoadBotics
  • Smart Head Lights
  • Titan Robotics


  • Aktiv Learning (formerly 101 Edu)
  • Allelo (formerly Convertsation)
  • Bridge for Billions
  • Classroom Salon
  • LearnBop
  • Lightside Lab
  • Toyz Electronics
  • Tunessence
  • Wick

Social Networking/Mobile Computing & Social Ventures

  • ComVibe
  • ComYoot
  • ConnectWith
  • Duolingo
  • Expii
  • PlayPower
  • Pralent
  • ZuZ


  • AdRich
  • Ekto VR
  • Vigilant Technologies (VIT)
  • Wise Telemetry

Chemistry & Material Science

  • Arieca
  • LumiShield Technologies
  • Marine Oasis

Search Fund

  • GTE
  • Keelboat Capital


  • Dynamics
  • Komodo

Additional Teams working in the Swartz Center

A - G

  • AB Hero
  • AceOffer
  • Actufy
  • Agora
  • AI Coach
  • AlGreen
  • Alphanso
  • Angio AI
  • Anu Bio
  • Apply at Scale
  • Asset Mappr
  • Aswartha Asset Management Solutions
  • Better Health
  • Bitglaze Technologies
  • BizOpsAI
  • C2C Delivery
  • Centrum Insights
  • Chaotic Cards
  • Cloudhammer Medical
  • Compos Mentis
  • Cosmic Optics
  • Dira Health
  • Dottie
  • EMBioSys Inc.
  • ergLocale
  • Featured
  • FinJoy
  • Flame
  • FlexcloudLab
  • FourOnes
  • FutureProof
  • Galen

H - P

  • Hal51.AI
  • HeadStrait Labs
  • Hello Health
  • Hive Recycling
  • HV MP Consulting Ltd
  • InventXYZ
  • Iron Tribe
  • KeepUp
  • KeyPress
  • Know Your Food
  • Kor
  • LinguaPal
  • Lookr
  • LSB Ventures
  • MedAI
  • medApprise
  • Metaverse Museum Alliance Program
  • MindRiver AI
  • MirareMeld
  • MLurance
  • Model Fly
  • MyoLab Inc
  • NeptuneChain
  • NousQuest
  • Omnibus Medical Devices
  • Orca Oasis
  • Pangissimo
  • Pixel AI
  • Plasmon
  • PokeGeM
  • Priority Bridge LLC
  • ProductLoft
  • Programming for Lovers
  • Pulsar
  • Purple Labs LLC

Q - Z

  • Recontact
  • ReVolt
  • SHEAmerce
  • Ship Ready
  • Skuld LLC
  • SmartUXR
  • Socialize
  • Solstice
  • Soul
  • Space to Space
  • Spirited
  • SportsMarket
  • StucoMahjongTeam
  • SwiftCX
  • SYN
  • Synapse Mobility
  • Telestory
  • TharsisAI
  • Transactify
  • TravExp
  • TurnUp
  • Velera
  • Velroi
  • Virtue Beauty
  • Vitruvian Tech
  • Wallet Warrior
  • Wisdom Plan
  • WIZE Agency
  • ZWallet

Clubs working in the Swartz Center Space

GEC Logo
Scottie Ventures Logo
UEA Logo