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Startups at the Swartz Center Space

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The Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship welcomes all Carnegie Mellon University current and alumni entrepreneurs and startups. Our brand new space in the Tepper Quad was made possible thanks to a generous gift by alumnus and entrepreneur James R. Swartz.

The Swartz Center space covers over 8,000 square feet with 10 built in "garage" office spaces. Each garage is home to a startup founded by Carnegie Mellon University alumni, undergraduates, graduates, post-docs and faculty. Additionally, multiple dedicated and first-come-first-serve tables are available throughout the open space for any approved Carnegie Mellon University related startups to use.

Interested in working out of the Swartz Center?

The Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship is a curated entrepreneurship space for affiliated Carnegie Mellon University entrepreneurs and startups. The application process requires the following:

  • Must have one CMU affiliated founder (Student, Faculty, Staff, Alumni)
  • Completion of the application for entrepreneurship space
  • A meeting with a member of the Swartz Center Access Committee
  • If you are accepted you must execute the Right of Entry Agreement

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First-Come First-Served Tables

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Approved entrepreneurs who are still working on exploring their entrepreneurship idea or are in the early stages of their startup are welcome to use any of the available first-come first-served tables.

They also have 24-hour access to the space and are able to request reservations for the Swartz Center conference rooms.

Dedicated Tables

Dedicated table image

Entrepreneurs who have demonstrated significant progress and commitment to their startup through their work at the Swartz Center are assigned a dedicated table.

Dedicated tables are clearly marked with the startups logo and/or name and are reserved for use only by that startup. Lockers are assigned to each dedicated table for storage of items overnight.


Garage space

Use of one of the ten Swartz Center garages is reserved for the entrepreneurs who have shown the most progress, committment, and dedication to their startup.

Garages are assigned by the Swartz Center Access Committee and are reviewed on a quarterly basis. The target duration for a startup in a garage is a year.

Startups in the Space



Agot.AI is a computer vision research startup that provides AI-powered checkout for restaurant brands.


Bloomfield Robotics Logo

Bloomfield Robotics

The bottleneck in effective agricultural robotics is weak camera technology, and we have solved that problem. Bloomfield Robotics can improve specialty crop growers' revenue by 30% with its fleet of camera systems and artificial intelligence.




Dadel is an early stage startup building a platform for the ethical use of data.  We drive improved customer experience for our partners, while simplifying the effort of managing end user profiles and privacy preferences.


Delta Band Logo


DeltaTrainer is a smart watch platform that uses real trainers, automatic exercise tracking, and adaptive workout generation to bring personal training right to your wrist.


Ecotone Renewables

Ecotone Renewables, LLC

Food is so central to our culture, health, and education, yet we see our current food system producing excessive waste and imposing dangers on the environment. This is why we are dedicated to building the tools and curriculum necessary to empower communities to redevelop and grow through sustainable food practices.



ESTAT Actuation

ESTAT creates actuation hardware that helps robots be lighter, more efficient, and less expensive.


Ecotone Renewables


FarmEZ empowers the farmer by sharing live and future price information, giving farmers the ability to make decisions about when, what & where to sell, and plan harvests accordingly. Our platform connects key stakeholders in the food value chain, so that we are able to not only increase farmer profitability, but also produce quality through communication.




Fastplate is a campus food ordering and delivery platform. We are building the fastest, most accessible network for busy students to grab a bite. Whether you need to grab a quick bite or earn some extra cash, we build opportunities to make student lives more productive, more convenient, and more delicious.




We developed a "Github for Life", a version control system for living biospecimens. Life science faces difficulties in version control because the subject matters of "LIFE" cannot be “SAVED” easily. We are going to solve this problem by providing technologies in cryopreservation, imaging and version control.


Gather Logo


Nabla Ascent’s AI and Deep Learning engine enables drone autonomy technologies for providing data analytics solutions. We are focused on providing autonomous data gathering solutions for inventory/asset tracking in warehouses.


GTE Logo

GT Entrepreneurs

GT Entrepreneurs (GTE) is a private investment firm that works with a group of entrepreneurial Operators-in-Residence (OIR) looking to individually acquire, operate, and grow privately held businesses. GTE offers business owners a unique transition opportunity. Our entrepreneurs are ready to step into the ownership role and create long-term value for the company, while preserving the legacy that has been built.




For a long time, individuals with coily/curly hair textures have compromised, managed, and conformed in an industry that has ignored their needs. We are a multi-sided platform (app) that empowers clients by providing a starting place for products, stylists, and content and empowers entrepreneurial stylists with low-maintenance business tools to improve their margins. 


Keelboat Logo

KeelBoat, LLC

KeelBoat Capital was founded by Andrew Ellerhorst to passionately pursue his dream of being the owner/operator of an American small business. Andrew is backed by 14 experienced business operators and owners who serve not only as investors but also as advisors and mentors through the acquisition and operating process.


Komodo Logo


Komodo leverages AI to aggregate municipal financial information in order to streamline the workflow of municipal analysts.



Marine Oasis

Marine Oasis is formulating fish-free sustainable feeds for the aquaculture (fish farming) industry to help reduce overfishing worldwide. 


Little Moochie Logo


Mobile app that encourages children to form healthy eating habits through an AI-based virtual pet.


Nimbus Robotics

Nimbus Robotics

We believe that walking should be an efficient alternative to owning a car, biking, or taking public transport, everywhere for everyone. Nimbus Robotics are building robotic shoes to enable commuters walking faster without extra efforts. By strapping our bionic shoes over your everyday shoes, you can make walking a mile take half of the time.


Norilla Logo


NoRILLA (Novel Research-based Intelligent Lifelong Learning Apparatus) is a new award-winning mixed-reality system that bridges the advantages of physical and virtual worlds to improve children's STEM learning, fostering scientific curiosity and 21st century critical thinking skills. Research conducted at Carnegie Mellon University with over 200 children has shown that NoRILLA's patented AI technology improves children's learning by 5 times compared to equivalent screen-based technologies while also increasing their enjoyment. We have been working with hundreds of children at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Science Center, multiple school districts as well as informal learning spaces like IKEA and Bright Horizons.


Organoid Therapeutics

Organoid Therapeutics

Organoid Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel cell replacement therapies to treat glandular diseases such as diabetes and hypothyrodism. Our technology spans multidisciplinary fields including immunology, regenerative medicine, genetic engineering, and advanced robotics for large scale manufacturing.


Ottia Logo


Uses affordable robotics to help people bring ideas from their head into the real world and create what they're passionate about.


Pairi Logo


We make it easy for freelancers to sell services through social media and manage their business logistics in one place.




Sparkline is a visual technology enterprise focused on guiding customer behavior through actionable analytics. The company is focused on opportunities in the retail, parking, and real estate industries.




SOCO.AI is an AI company specialized in conversational technologies. Founded by top researchers at Language Technologies Institutes, Carnegie Mellon University, we have over 30 years of experience and hold proprietary technologies in dialog systems, deep learning, and natural language processing. We currently focus on enabling scalable 1:1 consultative sale in the digital world via conversational AI.


TalentIPO logo


Platform for impact investing and student fundraising, where investors contribute to the educational expenses of a portfolio of students in return for a predefined percentage share of the students’ future earnings over a set period of time.


TalkMeUp Logo


TalkMeUp is an AI based SaaS company focused on communication training.


Tarseer Logo


Designing a headset to detect and monitor glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness, everywhere around the world.




Troutwood is a financial technology and financial service company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Our investment application is being developed and designed for individual investors.  A proprietary education portal and saving first financial plan will accompany the application.

We believe that investing can be fun, and that confidence comes with understanding.  Our investment approach is founded on the core values of education and inspiration.  Powerful principles that become even stronger when paired together.

Invest with understanding.  Invest with Troutwood.



Uncle Harvey

Uncle Harvey was launched in 2020 as a collaborative effort between students, residents, and attendings to provide services and resources to all those involved in the field of Neurosurgery across America. We offer programs dedicated to furthering one’s goals in medical school, residency, research, and more.

We also aim to serve as an information hub – a one-stop-shop where you can find all of the latest information on neurosurgical current events and announcements, cutting-edge research, and even opportunities to get involved. Stay updated, further your education, and connect with some of the greatest minds in the field through our platform.



Valiendero Digital Assets

Valiendero Digital Assets is a quantitative cryptocurrency investment fund founded out of Carnegie Mellon University. Valiendero utilizes machine learning and data-driven investment strategies over a variety of liquid digital assets.


Zensors Logo


Zensors AI platforms allows you to use existing camera infrastructure to create virtual sensors that provide answers to critical business questions.


Zodaj Logos


We at ZODAJ aim to improve standards of living in Africa by using technological innovation. ZODAJ’s focus is to develop technology designed to solve Africa’s most pressing developmental problems. We hope to help all 54 countries seize the demographic window of opportunity presented by the projected population growth (A 170 million increase in the under 18 population. ZODAJ’s core purpose is to provide the technological resources necessary for economic development.


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Orange Yogurt



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Pragmatic Capital Management



Secure Seat, LLC


Soteria Radar


Swipe Stop



Uncle Harvey




Clubs working in the Swartz Center Space

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