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101 logo


Classroom engagement tools built specifically for STEM

101 builds classroom engagement tools specifically for introductory college STEM courses. Unlike existing tools that rely on generic multiple choice questions, we invent subject-specific modules with novel ways for students to learn and interact with math and science problems.

Team Members:
Justin Weinberg, Co-founder & CEO | Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2018
Igor Belyayev, Co-founder & CTO



Providing spinal comfort and support

Team Members:

Courtney Williamson, CEO | Tepper 2015 Ph.D.
Eleanor Haglund, Director of Marketing | DC 2016
Britta Ulm, Contractor | SCS 2014


AE Dreams

Connected Toys

At AE Dreams, our vision is to provide families with a series of connected toys, games and resources, each inspiring magical interactions and hands-on playtime. Turtle Mail, our first product, is a physical mailbox for children that allows them to receive communications from family, friends, fictional characters and toys, through daily printed messages. Turtle Mail is our first step towards an “Internet of Toys” for children!

Team Members:
Alysia Finger, Co-founder | CFA 2014, Tepper 2014
Niko Triulzi, Co-founder | CFA 2010



A series of transformational software products that enable access to any application or file on a remote computer, network storage, or cloud service from a mobile device.

Team Members:
Anurekh Saxena, Founder
Tejavi, Co-Founder
Chukwuezugo Nwosu, Co-Founder | Tepper MBA 2010


Aurochs Brewing

Changing the way the world experiences Gluten Free beer.

Team Members:
Ryan Bove, Co-Founder | Tepper MBA 2012
Doug Foster, Co-Founder



Technology that removes bias from group work and decision-making.

Team Members:
Amanda Greenburg, Co-Founder, CEO
Noah Bornstein, Co-Founder, CTO | MHCI 2013    



BeatBots LLC designs socially interactive robots in partnership with researchers, artists, toy makers, and character licensees.

Team Members:
Dr. Marek Michalowski | Robotics Institute 2010
Dr. Hideki Kozima, Professor at Miyagi University, Sendai, Japan         


Biohybrid Solutions

Biohybrid Solutions specializes in the merged field of proteins and polymers, working on both a R&D company and in direct product sales.

Team Members:
Antonina Simakova, Co-founder | MCS 2015; Post Doctoral Research Associate, Chemistry
Alan Russell, Co-founder | Highmark Distinguished Career Professor, Institute for Complex Engineered Systems and Biomedical Engineering
Kris Matyjaszewski, Co-founder | J.C.Warner University Professor Of National Science, Chemistry


BlastPoint logo


BlastPoint allows you to tell the story of a place, in seconds. Municipalities, community and economic developers, and other organizations have trouble communicating their value to funding agencies, policy makers, and other stakeholders. BlastPoint is a geographically contextualized big data application that allows non-expert users to quickly aggregate and visualize information about the populations and communities they serve. Thus enabling them to better communicate and act on the insights gained.

Team Members:
Derek Gregg, Entrepreneurial Lead and Head of Business Development, MBA student, Tepper School of Business
Alison Alvarez, CEO, Tepper School of Business alumna
Tomer Borenstein, CTO, CMU Electrical & Computer Engineering alumnus


Boundless VR logo

Boundless VR

Immerse yourself in vast worlds from the comfort of your living room with Active Control Skates. Experience virtual reality without physical boundaries. 

Bradley Factor | Graduate Student, Robotics Institute/School of Computer Science


Brew Gentlemen Beer Co.

Craft brewery located in the historic steel town of Braddock, PA.

Team Members:
Matt Katase, Co-Founder, CEO | MCS 2012
Asa Foster, Co-Founder, CCO | CFA 2012
Alonzo Benavides, CTO | SCS, MCS 2012


Bridge for Billions

Structure, Develop, and Launch your Business. The online incubator for early-stage ventures.

Team Members:
Pablo Santaeufemia, Co-Founder, CEO
Jessica Kou, Co-Founder, CDO
Edgar Salazar, Co-Founder, CTO


Carbon Freight

Advanced Containers

Carbon Freight develops ultralight pallets and containers that deliver up to half of the fuel burn of traditional ULDs. Welcome to the future of air cargo.

Team Members:
John Dieser, President & COO | MCS 2015
Glenn Philen, CEO | CIT 2015


Comyoot logo


We are training the Doctors of Tomorrow

The CPR Dummy for Spinal Manipulation

Team Members:
Torrell Jackson, Co-Founder | Tepper, MBA 
Angenique Jackson, Co-Founder | Chiropractor


Choitek logo


Advanced educational technology platforms for students, educators, artists, hobbyists and researchers.

Team Members:
John Choi, CEO | BCSA


ConnectWith (SitWith)

ConnectWith is a professional network building tool that connects four unacquainted people over lunch for purposeful conversation. We use social engineering and social graph analyses to diagnose and improve a company's internal professional network. Our connection and relationship matching engine for networks – or CARMEN for short – uses social psychology research to build the professional network that leaders want in their organization.

Poor company culture and turnover costs businesses in the United States an estimated $1.3T every year. By working with a leadership team, ConnectWith targets and creates the community inside a company that fights disconnectedness and turnover while encouraging innovation.
Acquired by Newton Consulting May,2016

Team Members:
Will Lutz, Co-founder & CEO | Tepper 2015
Patrick Morse, Co-founder & COO




ComYoot is a social ride sharing app that revolutionizes how people belonging to similar communities travel, making traveling between and within cities ubiquitous and hassle free.

Team Members:
Jameel Francis, Founder & CEO | Tepper 2018
Jared Pryor, CTO | Computer Science 2011



Intelligent Control of Networked Energy Entities

D-PowerNet enables a networked control platform for ever increasing distributed entities, such as renewable generations and flexible loads. By turning distributed resources into intelligent grid assets, D-PowerNet’s
solutions save money for customers, enables integration of clean technologies and supports plug-and-play implementations.

Team Members:
Gabriela Hug, Co-founder | Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Soummya Kar, Co-founder | CIT 2010; Research Faculty, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Javad Mohammadi | Ph.D. Candidate, Electrical & Computer Engineering

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EXAID logo


EXAID is a Healthcare-Artificial Intelligence company providing a Clinical Trial Matching application to empower Oncologists to improve patient outcomes and the quality of care, and a Patient recruitment application to pharmaceutical companies to drive adoption rates and quicken drug validation process.

Team Members:
Sandeep Konam, Entrepreneurial/Academic Lead, Masters student, CMU Robotics Institute
Arthur Boni, Mentor, Professor, Tepper School of Business 
Udit Mehrotra, CFO, MBA student, Tepper School of Business


Expii, Inc.

Expii empowers everybody to collaboratively create interactive expositions on high school subjects (currently math and science) on an open platform. Expii aims to crowdsource a one-stop destination filled with the world's most engaging, exciting and interactive expositions, which make difficult school subjects crystal clear. On top of this base, they are building a network of value added services.

Team Members:
Po-Shen Loh, Co-founder | Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences



FacioMetrics is a spin-off company from the Human Sensing Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University that licenses technology for facial image analysis, in particular, face recognition, facial feature tracking, facial expression analysis, facial attributes (e.g., gender, ethnicity, age) and gaze tracking. Applications of the technology include (but are not limited to): retail sentiment analysis (measuring the consumer engagement with the product and seller), surveillance, facial animation, face editing (e.g., makeup applications) and marketing research.

FacioMetrics was acquired by Facebook November, 2016

Team Members:
Fernando de la Torre, Founder | Associate Research Professor, Robotics Institute
Francisco Vicente, CTO | Research Associate II, Robotics Institute


Four Growers logo

Four Growers

Four Growers was founded to provide healthy, affordable, local produce by reducing the production costs of greenhouse growers through robotics technology.

Team Members:
Brandon Contino, CEO | University of Pittsburgh
Daniel Chi, CTO | University of Pittsburgh
Kit Needham | I-Corps Mentor

Gen A Map Logo


GenAMap helps physicians to understand their patients by using novel machine learning methods to understand genomic data. The prices of genomic tests have dropped dramatically in the last 10 years and as this price continues to drop, clinicians will increasingly incorporate genomic tests into routine medical care. Using our team's unique expertise in machine learning, computational biology, and human-computer interfaces, we are building the software that will enhance the value of healthcare's coming paradigm shift.

Team Members:
Ben Lengerich, Ph.D. Student, School of Computer Science
Haohan Wang, Machine Learning Lead
Min Kyung Lee, HCI Lead
Eric Xing, Principal Investigator


Comyoot logo

GTE (Generational Transfer Entrepreneurs)

Building the bridge between generations

GTE creates a platform for entrepreneurial operators working to acquire successful lower middle market businesses. Upon acquisition, we look forward to the opportunity to grow these businesses to help the local communities around them.

Team Members:
Brenden Van Buren, co-founder, Operator-In-Residence | Tepper, MBA, 2017
Gabriel Chick, co-founder, Operator-In-Residence | Tepper, MBA, 2017

Glu 10 logo

Glu10 (Gluten)

Glu10 is a fast and reliable gluten-sensing platform for people with gluten intolerance and celiac disease.

Team Members:
Bartlomiej Kolodziejczyk, Co-founder | Postdoctoral Fellow, Mechanical Engineering
B. Reeja Jayan, Co-founder | Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Nathan Nakamura, Researcher | CIT 2016


[ H - M ]

Hillside Hydro logo

Hillside Hydro

We have developed a micro hydroelectric generator to recharge your electronic devices from moving water. Our design harnesses the kinetic energy of moving water to spin a turbine. The energy generated is stored in an internal battery while the device is in the water. Once removed the energy can be used to charge any of your devices via USB. 

Team Members:
Hunter Hartshorne, CEO & co-founder | Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering
Jasper White, CTO & co-founder | Hobart and Williams Smith joint engineering program


Human Motion Technologies LLC, analyzes patient feedback and biomechanics data to provide lower-limb amputees with the opportunity to test-drive potential prostheses using a robotic prosthesis emulator.

Team Members:
Josh Caputo, Founder & President | CIT 2010 & 2015; Postdoctoral Researcher, Mechanical Engineering


Inventory Connection logo

Inventory Connection

Inventory Connection's web application transfers retailers' real-time inventory data to each of their vendors allowing them to stock their supermarket's shelves better.

Team Members:
Kerolos Mikail, CTO & Co-founder, Carnegie Mellon University
John Lipari, Co-founder & CEO, Trinity College

Lean FM logo

LeanFM Technologies

LeanFM Technologies provides a software solution to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of commercial building operation and maintenance. Built from the patent-pending research projects at CMU, LeanFM utilizes Building Information Modeling technology to integrate building designs, equipment manuals, real-time indoor condition measures and operation and maintenance history. By providing a cloud-based 3D environment, LeanFM enables the facilities operators to easily access, visualize, analyze and exchange building information using multi-platform devices anytime, anywhere.

Team Members:
Pine Liu, Co-founder | CIT 2008, SCS 2009, CIT 2012
Burcu Akinci, Co-founder | Paul Christiano Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Lumishield logo

LumiShield Technologies

LumiShield is a process and materials development company which is disrupting a $6 billion corrosion-resistant coatings market through commercialization of its proprietary aluminum electroplating system. Lumishield coatings have the potential to provide better corrosion protection than existing technologies with a lower price point and substantial improvements in environmental impact and worker safety.

Team Members:

David Luebke, CEO | Senior Research Scientist, Chemistry
Hunaid Nulwala, CIO | Assistant Research Professor, Chemistry

Marinus logo

Marinus Analytics

Unlocking publicly available evidence to fight crime, specifically human trafficking

The Internet has become a marketing platform for human traffickers to expand their exposure to potential customers and to boost sales, while maintaining presumed anonymity and security of their own geographic location. Marinus Analytics capabilities focus on identifying, tracking and understanding trends and behaviors involving sex trafficking, as evidenced by publicly available data.

Team Members:

Cara Jones | Research Programmer, Robotics Institute
Emily Kennedy, Co-founder | Research Analyst, Robotics Institute
Artur Dubrawski, Co-founder | Senior Systems Scientist and Adjunct Professor, Robotics Institute

[ N - T ]

Nabla Ascent logo

Nabla Ascent, Inc.

We provide core AI capabilities that remove the need for pilots for drone operations. Our product is an AI software stack and hardware designs for drones that will provide a backend that allows drone application developers to focus on application development rather than autonomy. We will be the go to operating system for drones.

Team Members:
Sankalp Arora, Entrepreneurial Lead, Ph.D. student, CMU Robotics Institute
Sebastian Scherer, Academic Lead, Systems Scientist, CMU Robotics Institute
Daniel Maturana, Ph.D. student, CMU Robotics Institute
Geetesh Dubey, Masters student, CMU Robotics Institute


Novel Research-based Intelligent Lifelong Learning Apparatus

NoRILLA is a mixed-reality platform bridging physical and virtual worlds to improve children's learning, understanding and enjoyment of science in a collaborative way (in museum, school or home settings). The system involves both software and hardware components and utilizes computer vision/depth camera sensing to provide immediate personalized feedback while experimenting in the real world. NoRILLA’s research has shown that their system helps children learn approximately 5 times more than a tablet or computer game while also increasing enjoyment.

Team Members:
Nesra Yannier, Founder | SCS 2016

PalpAid (CurVQ)

Not everything that goes bump in the night is breast cancer. PalpAid is developing a novel, low-cost technology that will provide women and their primary care clinicians an alternative to invasive, stressful and costly methods of tracking benign breast masses.

Team Members:

Molly Blank, Co-founder | CIT Ph.D. Candidate
Jim Antaki, Co-founder | Professor, Biomedical Engineering


Processly logo


We are your infinite freeform online whiteboard, designed for the modern classroom.

Processly is an adaptive learning web platform that uses an infinite digital whiteboard making it easy for teachers and schools to apply modern teaching methods in the classroom. We make it easy for students to document, reflect, and communicate within a collaborative environment throughout their process, all the while providing key insights to teachers and the school. 

Team Members:
Albert Topdjian | BFA 2017
Rehan Butt | BA 2016, MTID 2018
Luke Hottinger | BS 2017
Eddy Man Kim

Rapid Flow logo

Surtac (Rapid Flow Technologies)

Surtrac is an innovative approach to real-time traffic signal control, combining research from artificial intelligence and traffic theory. Surtrac optimizes the performance of signals for the traffic that is actually on the road, improving traffic flow for both urban grids and corridors and leading to less waiting, reduced congestion, shorter trips, less pollution and happier travelers.

Team Members:
Greg Barlow, Co-founder | SCS 2008, 2011; Robotics Institute
Steve Smith, Co-founder | Research Professor, Robotics Institute

RistCall LLC

Wireless wearable nurse call bell system for healthcare

RistCall LLC helps hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to improve patient safety and satisfaction scores by updating traditional wall-mounted nurse call bell system with wearable devices.

Team Members:

Srinath Vaddepally, Founder & CEO | CIT 2013
Ameya Bhat, VP of Product & Operations | CIT 2013
Yicheng Bai, VP of Product Engineering



RoBotany is automating the commercial vertical farming industry by creating mobile robotic solutions that increase labor efficiency by 25%, double crop output and provide an unprecedented level of data collection to improve farm operations.

Team Members:
Austin Webb, CEO | Tepper 2017
Austin Lawrence, CTO | Disney Research


Shine Registry

Creating a new kind of tradition

Shine Registry is a platform for female founders to ask for startup needs in the style of a wedding registry. You can ask for a gravy boat when you’re getting married and you can ask for Yelp reviews or office space when you’re starting a business.

Team Members:
Emily Wazlak, Heinz College MSPPM, 2017

Skycision logo

Skycision, Inc.

Skycision, Inc., offers autonomous aerial mapping, flight planning, and analysis of climate and crop success.

Team Members:
Brendan Carroll, President & CEO | HC 2015
Alec Assaad, Systems Engineer | CIT 2015


Spiral Gen logo

SpiralGen, Inc.

SpiralGen is developing and commercializing the Spiral technology that automatically generates platform-tuned code to create performance-critical software for signal processing and a growing list of mathematical functions. Our technology not only speeds up the process of transitioning code to new platforms, but generates provably correct, high performance code.

Team Members:
Jane Opgaard, EVP Operations
Franz Franchetti, Academic Lead, Associate Professor CMU Electrical & Computer Engineering/Cylab

Comyoot logo


Interactive tools and services to create virtual reality films.

StitchBridge is developing a serviece platform and tools to help creators make interactive virtual reality films. We also consult on client projects to create interactive virtual reality content.

Team Members:
Sarabeth Boak, co-fouder, President | ETC, Masters, 2017
Jaehee Cho, co-founder, Creative Director | ETC, Masters, 2016


Comyoot logo

Toyz Electronics

Empowering the diverse & innovative future

We provide accessible, sustainable, and affordable hardware that can be utilized by diverse developers to bring innovation solutions to societal challenges. We conduct innovation conferences that engage the most diverse community in the tech industry.

Team Members:
Damola Idowu, CEO, Syracuse University/Howard University, Mechanical Engineering & Economics
Quincy Taylor, Marketing and Promotions
Andre Kenan, Manufacturing and Logistics, China
Wole Idowu, CTO, CMU, CIT, 2017
Dina Yerlan, PM, CMU, CIT, 2017
Stephen Thomas-Dorin, Engineer, CMU, SCS, 2020
Malcolm Fitts, Engineer, CMU, CIT, 2019
Winston Chin, Developer, CMU, CIT, 2019
Jeena Yin, Developer, CMU, SCS, 2020
Vince Garcia, Developer, CMU, MCS, 2020

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Viazi logo



Doing the hard scheduling tasks for you.

Viazi creates customizable solutions to complex scheduling problems. We have saved our clients thousands of hours of labor, and we can do the same for you.

Team Members:
Isaac Rudich, Co-Founder & CEO | Tepper BS 2017 & CFA BFA 2017
Avi Rudich & CTO | ECE 2020


Concept. Innovate. Redefine.

VIT applies the Internet of Things Movement and the Quantified-Self Movement into biotechnology, aiming to change an industry lacking consumer-driven designs and functionalities by providing simple, elegant solutions. VIT’s first product, Bracer, is a smart knee brace for a faster, smarter recovery for those suffering from knee injuries/surgeries. Through their combination of aesthetic consumer design and cutting edge research VIT wants to create one of the first mainstream recognized consumer-friendly biotechnology companies.

Team Members:
Andy Chan, Co-founder & CEO | CIT 2015
Connor Young, Co-founder & COO | CIT 2016

Wise Telemetry logo

Wise Telemetry

(formerly BreatheWise)


With the Wise Telemetry gas sensor system, gas distributors can monitor real-time supply and usage data at each of their customer’s sites.  The system automatically determines and continuously communicates a gas cylinder’s size, fill level, and usage rate without any user input or special programming.  This data improves delivery route planning, usage tracking, and future demand prediction.  Trust Wise Telemetry to optimize your deliveries and save you money.

Eric Wise, Founder, CEO & CTO | CIT 2014

Xion logo


An R&D Platform for the Cognitive Era

On our platform, a team of researchers can easily go from the beginning to the end of an R&D project in the same workspace, from searching for papers or data, to running experiments and visualizing the results, while keeping their work accessible across all of their devices. By integrating the research workflow in one place, this also allows the scientific workflow to be exposed to Artificial Intelligence, which over time can learn about the domain that a team is working in and proactively assist in ways such as trying to discover correlations within data that perhaps might be overlooked by a person, or suggesting experiments that might be less than obvious.

Daniel Morris, Founder, CEO | CIT 2018

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