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VentureBridge Demo Day 2021

The VentureBridge is an initiative of the Swartz Center to help early stage Carnegie Mellon alumni founders develop their startups into fundable seed stage ventures. This effort is outside of the traditional education model and serves as a bridge between the many different ecosystems that Carnegie Mellon University alumni live and work.

The cornerstone of the VentureBridge program is the summer accelerator. The summer 2021 cohort was composed of 16 Carnegie Mellon University startups across all disciplines and verticals.

VentureBridge Demo Day is the culmination of the 12-week summer program and is intended to showcase the incredible amount of progress our startups have made. 

VentureBridge Demo Day 2021 took place virtually on September 15, 2021. 

Schedule of Events - September 15, 2021

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM PST | 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM EST

1:00 PM Introductions and Welcome
1:15 PM VentureBridge Alumni Startup Presentations
1:25 PM VentureBridge 2021 Cohort Presentations
2:30 PM  Programming Ends
*All times are in Pacific Standard Time | Actual Presentation Times May Differ

Thank you to our program sponsors.

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Meet the Presenting Summer 2021 Cohort



We are building the future of digital advertising. Digital advertising is a $400 billion dollar space, facing increasing privacy regulations because of which the traditional methods of ad targeting don't work well. We use advanced AI and analytics to eliminate irrelevant ads and help brands get better ROI on ad spend, without violating privacy regulations. Our tech is superior compared to our competitors who use traditional keyword targeting on text. 




Culturora is a Future of Work, SaaS solution that helps companies create a thriving company culture, improve employee experience, and reduce turnover. Unlike traditional HR and engagement solutions, Culturely leverages Machine Learning and Organizational Behavior research to optimize employee connections that build trust and a sense of community and belonging.




The future of ADHD treatment is digital. Eachday uses data and neuroscience to help you better understand your mind, visualize time, and craft routines that reduce the cognitive burden of completing day-to-day activities. Our library of expert tips, techniques and learning strategies solve ADHD symptoms in real-time by addressing the executive function failures that cause ADHD symptoms to occur. 




EnerYields makes it easy to save time and money on green construction and retrofits. The platform is powered by the most comprehensive database of its kind, complete with hard-to-find information about all green incentives and financing across both private and public sectors. The metrics allow users to see their project through an investment-oriented lens and uncover financing opportunities for higher returns hiding in plain sight.




Equa is the world's first smart mindfulness coaching technology – cultivating resilience and performance mindset in the workplace. Using the power of interactivity, Equa dynamically engages with its users, clearing roadblocks and capturing momentum through a personalized training experience. Because meditation isn't meant to be done alone.



ESTAT Actuation

We're providing robotics engineers with lightweight, efficient, and cost-effective actuator hardware. Our prototype rotary electroadhesive clutch is 3x lighter and uses 600x less power than conventional electromagnetic clutches.



Finish Robotics

Semi-autonomous, collaborative robot using standard industrial components to address the growing skilled labor shortage in commercial finishing construction.




Work and life are more intertwined than ever, so it's even more important to incentivize your employees to maintain work life balance. Hardly is the first corporate wellness platform that provides workers personalized, data-driven insights into their habits and progress. Businesses that use our web-app save money and boost company-wide health, professional development, and relationship growth.



Mach9 Robotics

Mach9 Robotics is a remote sensing startup creating Google Maps for subsurface utilities. We are building mobile mapping platforms, based primarily on ground penetrating radar, to acquire very rich information about infrastructure health. Our new machine learning approach analyzes large-scale, subsurface datasets 100X faster than the existing state-of-the-art geotechnical data analysis tools with greater accuracy.




We are building the world’s largest & smartest digital restaurant chain. We help restaurants run Virtual brands for better operational efficiency. We analyze the restaurant’s menu, location, competitors and then create the virtual brand to represent their food to the right customers.




Propheto is a MLOps software tool enabling data scientists to automatically deploy their machine learning models into production environments scalably and efficiently. The tool automates DevOps processes so that data scientists are not burdened with provisioning servers or managing APIs. DevOps or ML Engineers also save time by no longer having to convert model prototypes into production code. With Propheto, data scientists can focus on developing high quality models while DevOps and ML Engineers can concentrate on managing infrastructure systems without worrying about new models causing issues for their applications.




Procrastination at the workplace negatively impacts Productivity and Job Performance leading to an increased cost of human talent. Addressing it opens up a chest worth billions of dollars to organizations worldwide is a customized, minimally intrusive, secure and gamified solution that combines the knowledge of human psychology with power of AI/ML based data modelling to achieve significant productivity, cost and quality gains.




Skeema transforms the browser into a workspace that helps people collect and organize information for all their online tasks, decluttering their minds and browser tabs. It addresses the high costs of switching between tabs and tasks, collecting all kinds of web content, and organizing that raw information so people can accomplish their goals in 10x less time than they can today. Once users have accomplished their tasks, their work is saved and aggregated so that others don’t have to start from scratch, leading to a virtuous cycle of knowledge acceleration.




ViralMoment is an AI tool that can interpret and translate what is being said in images on social media. Before our tool, there was no way to monitor conversations and narratives that are happening in images unless manually tagged. ViralMoment tracks symbols, topics and brand mentions in images on social media, and we provide machine learning/data analysis on topics, product and brand mentions to help our users understand current trends and predict the future. We detect early signals of virality and momentum so that brands can boost or mitigate high-potential-viral-content.


Meet the Presenting VentureBridge Alumni Companies



CoPilot is a smart watch platform that uses real trainers, automatic exercise tracking, and adaptive workout generation to bring personal training right to your wrist.




EKTO VR develops and builds wearable robotics to enable the next generation of fully immersive safety and equipment training for the energy, mining, and manufacturing industries. The company’s flagship product, EKTO ONE, is the world’s first robotic VR movement solution, empowering users to walk naturally through digital content while staying safe, comfortable, and engaged.




Refiberd is developing a novel textile recycling system that uses AI and a green chemical recycling process to convert used, discarded textiles into new, reusable fiber. By turning waste into a resource, Refiberd is able to offer a new fiber product for textile production that is cost-effective, sustainable, and easy to integrate into existing manufacturing processes.


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Wisy is solving the $2T out-of-stock and overstock problem in the CPG & Retail industry. Our AI-driven solution provides real-time intelligence from shelf images to achieve control at scale, reduce loss, and help customers sell more effectively at retail locations. Unlike other solutions, we do not require cameras or robots to collect data. Wisy is more scalable and flexible to accommodate global operations.