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Agot uses AI to increase revenues and customer experience and decrease costs for quick service restaurants with make-line models (eg. Chipotle, Subway, etc.) while also allowing them to optionally eliminate the dedicated cashier role. Agot integrates with point of sales systems to allow insights to be maximally useful and easy to integrate into existing processes.

Team Members:
Alex Litzenberger
Evan DeSantola



ApertureData offers a novel data platform that stores and enables fast search across large visual data (image, video) along with its associated metadata. Our unified approach to data management for machine learning can save hundreds of hours of data platform engineering efforts spent by data science and ML engineering teams, setting them up for rapid success when scaling their ML pipelines. 

Team Members
Vishakha Gupta
Luis Remis



EKTO VR is enabling the next generation of fully immersive safety training, high-touch sales, design collaboration, and location-based entertainment by solving fundamental virtual reality problems with applied robotics. Our Traverse robotic boots make walking through VR as easy as real life, requires only a 10 by 10-foot space to operate, provides key motion cues to prevent motion sickness, and enables limitless movement that maintains immersion.

Team Members:
Brad Factor
Bobby Li
Antonio Garcia-Smith
Jenny Sharpe



Komodo saves users time by streamlining the municipal credit evaluation process. Komodo extracts and standardizes fundamental credit information into a single location, saving users an average of six hours per week. Komodo makes our users money by allowing them to search for mispriced bonds using any of our forward-looking credit indicators; think instant credit reports for municipal bond issuers.

Team Members:
Joel Perdzock
Matthew Dulac


Organoid Therapeutics

At Organoid Therapeutics, our mission is to develop artificial organ technologies to cure endocrine disorders such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, testosterone deficiency, and infertility. We envision a future in which lab-grown artificial organs can be mass-produced, are made widely available, and become the first-line treatment option for patients with end-stage glandular organ disease.

Team Members:
Denver Faulk
Ricardo Londono



Refibered is an AI and robotic-based textile recycling pipeline that will (1) source bulk used clothing from textile collection facilities, (2) autonomously sort and shred the clothing, and (3) output shredded fiber that can be respun for new cloth production.

Team Members:
Sarika Bajaj
Tushita Gupta
Mingyue (Ida) Wang



Sightseek is a social network for sharing travel stories. Users can search by location and get inspired by the photos and videos of friends and family. These days, we are awash in options for travel research online, but there's no way for a user to find content from people they actually know. Sightseek allows users to get the authentic, personal stories they crave when anticipating their next adventure.

Team Members
Anna Fuller
Logan Anderson



Sparkline provides property management solutions that help proactively secure the outside of buildings then monetize underutilized space. Our solutions allow owners and tenants to know when delivery drivers arrive, when packages are left in unsecured locations, and when non-customers park in reserved spaces.

Team Members
Max Henkart
Vaibhav Viswanathan