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2019 VB Cohort

Summer 2019 Cohort

Delta Band Logo


DeltaTrainer is a smart watch platform that uses real trainers, automatic exercise tracking, and adaptive workout generation to bring personal training right to your wrist.

Team Members:
Matt Spettel
Gabriel Madonna

Nimbus Robotics Logo

Nimbus Robotics

Nimbus Robotics is building robotic shoes that enable commuters to walk faster without any extra effort. By strapping our bionic shoes over your everyday shoes, you can make walking a mile take half the time.

Team Members
Xunjie Zhang
Baruch Rubinstein
Ching Chun Yang
Ted Kuhn
Sun-Jan Huang

Onyx Labs Logo


Onyx is a marketplace and infrastructure for driving mobile app installs through livestreams on Twitch and other streaming platforms.

Team Members:
Andrew Seid
Sim Xing

T4 Logo


T4 is the fastest and most complete place to find market research. We reduce an hours long search process to just a few minutes by providing an alternative to endless Google searches and countless market researcher publisher portals.

Team Members:
Maks Khurgin
Yev Spektor

Talent IPO Logo

Talent IPO

Talent IPO is a platform for impact investing and student fundraising, where investors contribute to the educational expenses of a portfolio of students in return for a predefined percentage share of students' future earnings over a set period of time. The model aims to alleviate the student debt burden in the country by applying a 'win-win' model for investors and students.

Team Members:
Aashay Doshi
Michael Lai
Ayush Luthra
Santanu Mukherjee

ViceVersa Logo

Vice Versa

Viceversa is a direct to consumer footwear brand creating high heel shoes that fold to flat shoes – for when all high heels are inevitably uncomfortable. The product looks indistinguishable from traditional shoes both as high heels and flats. To produce these shoes, we built a proprietary supply chain that is speedier than traditional shoe manufacturers and can hit the same quality as luxury Italian shoes at an affordable price point.

Team Members:
Alanna Fusaro

Wisy Logo


Enterprise SaaS platform that provides previously-unavailable data about consumer preferences, marketing effectiveness and retail execution to enhance operational intelligence through location-based,
customized mobile experiences.

Team Members
Min Chen He
Ricardo Chen
Nelida Gomez
Orlando Reyes