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VB Summer 2018 Cohort

Summer 2018 Cohort

Bloomfield Robotics

Bloomfield Robotics

At the Confluence of AI and Agriculture

Team Members:
Tim Mueller-Sim
Lily Smith

Find logo


find recycles the 70 billion hours of search waste every year - allowing its users to solve problems faster

Team Members:
Nathan Pitzer
Rishabh Varshney
Vivek Menon

Gather Logo


Autonomy for the Real World

Team Members:
Sankalp Arora
Daniel Maturana
Geteesh Dubey

Orby Logo

Orby, Inc.

Orby - The future of sidekick robots

Team Members:
Shrey Malhotra
Kobe Wang

TalkMeUp Logo


AI Based Communication Training Software

Team Members:
Grey Yang

Zensors Logo


AI powered visual sensors

Team Members:
Anuraag Jain