Carnegie Mellon University

Getting Started - Faculty

Olympus encourages and supports entrepreneurship across Carnegie Mellon University's campus. For those startups where faculty are licensing IP from CMU, we partner with CTTEC to supplement the range of services and support they offer.

Faculty members who are interested in working with Olympus have a variety of options for learning more about our offerings and getting into our program. These can be used individually or in combination:

1. If your startup is licensing IP from CMU, often initial assistance is provided by staff at CTTEC. Olympus partners closely with CTTEC and can provide additional support upon request.

2. Often when the startup idea is at the earliest stage, faculty would prefer to confer with another faculty who is familiar with Olympus and other offerings of the CIE. Faculty should contact Lenore Blum to explore their idea and learn more.

3. Olympus and CTTEC hold regular “Office Hours’ in Gates 6217 every Wednesday morning from 10-12. Kit Needham, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Olympus, and Cindy Chepanoske from Tech Transfer are there for preliminary discussions on your business idea and if necessary, filing and licensing IP from CMU. While not necessary, reviewing or completing the Business Concept Template beforehand is recommended.

4. For those that are ready to work with Olympus directly, complete the Business Concept Template and send it to Kit Needham, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Olympus. A meeting will be arranged to discuss your startup. Note that Olympus does not have any fees or require any equity for our services.