Carnegie Mellon University

Courtney WilliamsonCourtney Williamson, Ph.D


Meet medical technology entrepreneur and inventor of Calibrace+, Courtney Williamson, Ph.D. At a very young age Dr. Williamson established herself as someone who is passionate about taking care of others by taking care of her mom who had Parkinson’s Disease. Eventually, the disease would cause her mom to slouch, which resulted in intense, constant back pain.

Dr. Williamson was inspired to design a back brace to help her mom and anyone who had back pain. Her vision expanded to include people with neuromuscular diseases liker mom to people who have been in car accidents, gone through surgery, or just people who want to break the bad habit of slouching forward. Dr. Williamson’s mission is clear---she believes that no one should have to suffer fro back pain.

After years of research and development with her team at Carnegie Mellon University, she was led to establish the company, AbiliLife, in 2014. The AbiliLife team launched the Calibrace+ back brace that offers unrivaled pain-relief, support, and comfortability, for anyone experiencing back pain.