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Campus Programs


Carnegie Mellon has a robust intercollegiate athletic program. The Athletics department takes pride in creating a positive, family environment and invites the community to come out and cheer on the Tartans.

With more than 30 weekly classes led by certified and professional instructors, the university’s Group-X program can accommodate and challenge individuals at all levels of fitness.

With leagues offered throughout the year in over 20 sports, the Carnegie Mellon intramural program is a way for students, staff and faculty to become involved in competitive recreational activity.

A valid Carnegie Mellon ID will give you access to the fitness centers, swimming pools, locker rooms, gymnasiums, track, tennis courts, and the opportunity to check out equipment. Contact Sara Gauntner for more information on athletic facilities.

Carnegie Mellon Women's Association

Carnegie Mellon Women's Association seeks to give women of the Carnegie Mellon community the opportunity to meet and interact with other women across the campus. Membership is open to all women associated with the university, including faculty, administrators, trustees and staff and wives/partners and friends of faculty, administrators, trustees and staff. Become a member today!

Barbara Smith Women's Mentoring Program

The Barbara Smith Women's Mentoring Program seeks to channel our diverse resources to promote the professional and personal goals of Carnegie Mellon women. Mentor relationships center on professional interests and aspirations, including career advancement, educational opportunities and job-related issues. The program is named in honor of Barbara B. Smith, Chief Human Resources Officer at Carnegie Mellon for 22 years until her retirement in 2011. 

As of 2017, this program is administered by the Carnegie Mellon Women's Association. Participation is open to Carnegie Mellon Women's Association members who are employed in regular or temporary part-time or full-time appointments of four months or longer. Applications to the program will be available from December 10, 2017 until January 19, 2018. Women who wish to be mentored will be matched with those volunteering to mentor others based on their experience and needs. This program is intended to be completely voluntary, with no compensation tied to participation.

Environment at CMU

Carnegie Mellon encourages our students faculty and staff to be a positive force for sustainable action in the campus community, in the region and beyond. Environment at CMU provides opportunities for staff to get involved in campus projects and initiatives, including the Scotty Goes Green program, environmental research centers, and sustainability events.

Host Family Program for International Students

As part of university-wide efforts to enrich the student experience at Carnegie Mellon, the Host Family Program for International Students is now taking place on the Pittsburgh campus. This program aims to help our international students engage more meaningfully with Pittsburgh and the local culture; and to give CMU community members a chance to serve as hosts, deepening their connection to the university. Hosts will gain a unique perspective about the world by sharing their traditions and hobbies with students who are new to this country. Please visit the website for more information.

Office of Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement (SLICE)

The Office of Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement (SLICE) serves as a connector between CMU faculty and staff and the student experience outside of the classroom. The Support the Student Experience webpage provides a variety of opportunities for CMU faculty and staff to volunteer their time. Opportunities include one-on-one interactions, such as advising a student organization or Greek chapter, providing mentorship, volunteering at events or sharing expertise. In addition, opportunities exist for offices or departments to participate as a group to host an activity or have a presence at larger traditions and events. Please visit the Support the Student Experience webpage for more information or contact with questions or to receive calls for volunteers.

Research Administrators Council

RAC's mission is to provide a university wide arena for discussion of those topics impacting research and the administration of research at Carnegie Mellon; to address the training needs of the campus community in the area of research administration and to facilitate the dissemination of information that may impact the administration of research. Please contact Liz Fox for information on how to get involved.

Staff Council

Staff Council is a volunteer organization that serves as the voice for staff at Carnegie Mellon University through policy advocacy and community involvement. Staff Council general body meetings, open to all staff members, are held from noon–1:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month.

Merit and New Horizon Learning Opportunities

Thanks to a strategic partnership with Merit Network, a member-owned organization governed by Michigan’s public universities, and the Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER), Carnegie Mellon University employees may receive discounted pricing on Merit’s professional learning and cyber security certification courses.

In addition, as a KINBER member, Carnegie Mellon University now has access to New Horizon’s entire catalogue of professional development course offerings at a 20% discount.