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NSF I-Corps Site Teams Fall 2017

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Bloomfield Robotics

A robotic solution for harvest optimization and crop health monitoring.

Team Members:
Tim Mueller-Sim | Engineer, Robotics Institute
George Kantor | Senior Systems Scientist, Robotics Institute
Eric Felix | MBA Candidate, Tepper School of Business
Reed McManigle | I-Corps Mentor

Swartz NSF logo

CubeRover (formerly Boost)

Many companies plan to mine the moon for precious materials within the next decade, but currently there are no low-cost, reliable and reusable options to send the materials back to Earth. We plan to build a robotic launch system (or mass driver) that can accurately propel these containers of resources mined on the moon back to Earth without the large recurring costs, resources, or risks associated with rockets. 

Team Members:
Michael Provenzano | CEO | MBA Candidate, Tepper School of Business 
Anna Lawrence | COO | MBA Candidate, Tepper School of Business
Benjamin Martin | CTO | MBA Candidate, Tepper School of Business 
Erika Gustafson | Director of Business Development | MBA Candidate, Tepper School of Business
Wyatt Lowdermilk | Director of Engineering | MBA Candidate, Tepper School of Business
Zach Burggraf | CFO | MBA Candidate, Tepper School of Business
Grant Vandenbussche | MBA Candidate, Tepper School of Business
Dave Mawhinney | I-Corps Mentor

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EKTO VR (formerly Boundless VR)

Immerse yourself in vast worlds from the comfort of your living room with Active Control Skates. Experience virtual reality without physical boundaries. 

Bradley Factor | Graduate Student, Robotics Institute/School of Computer Science
Leland Remson | MBA Candidate, Tepper School of Business
Kit Needham | I-Corps Mentor

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ESTAT Actuation

Ultra-lightweight and low-power clutches and energy-recycling actuators based on electrostatic clutching technology could outperform traditional clutches and motors in many robotic applications. 

Team Members:
Stuart Diller | Ph.D. candidate, Mechanical Engineering 
Carmel Majidi| Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Reed McManigle | I-Corps Mentor


EXG logo

EXG Wearable Technology

EXG Wearable Technology aims to develop promising solutions that empower human capabilities to give humans extra controllability and augmented sensing abilities to communicate with the world. It can solve various kinds of problems, from helping disabled people interact with the environment as assistive tools, to enabling humans with a natural way of interaction with the smart environment or any electronic devices. 

Team Members:
Ker-Jiun Wang | Alumnus, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Yu-Han Liang, Ph.D. | Research Assistant, Photonics Laboratory
Zhi - Hong Mao | Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh Electrical and Computer Engineering
John Apostolides | Research Assistant, Department of Computational Biology 
Emily Ackerman | University of Pittsburgh Department of Chemical Engineering
Prakash Thakur | UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
Will Kaigler | I-Corps Mentor


Four Growers logo

Four Growers

Four Growers was founded to provide healthy, affordable, local produce by reducing the production costs of greenhouse growers through robotics technology.

Team Members:
Brandon Contino, CEO, BS Electrical Engineering
Daniel Chi, CTO, BS Mechanical Engineering
Kit Needham | I-Corps Mentor

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Hillside Hydro logo

Hillside Hydro

We have developed a micro hydroelectric generator to recharge your electronic devices from moving water. Our design harnesses the kinetic energy of moving water to spin a turbine. The energy generated is stored in an internal battery while the device is in the water. Once removed the energy can be used to charge any of your devices via USB. 

Team Members:
Hunter Hartshorne, CEO & co-founder | Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering
Jasper White, CTO & co-founder | Hobart and Williams Smith joint engineering program
George Harter | Product Design | CMU Mechanical Engineering
Adam Newhouse | Chief Electrical Engineer | University of Illinois Electrical Engineering 
Kit Needham | I-Corps Mentor

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We are developing “intelligent Career paths,” or iCareerpaths, a system for job seekers to visualize and explore potential future career paths and query for personalized job recommendations. iCareerpaths computes alternative career recommendations for each job seeker using data analytics and complex algorithms. Once users identify desirable career paths, our system connects them with job opportunities and online skill development courses to help them achieve their goals. 

Team Members:
Maria Tomprou | Research Scientist, Human-Computer Interaction Institute
Laura Dabbish | Associate Professor, Human-Computer Interaction Institute & Heinz College
Divya Mohan | Research Assistant, Human-Computer Interaction Institute
Reed McManigle | I-Corps Mentor

Kensho logo


Kensho is a weight loss management and scheduling optimization platform that helps orthopedists increase patient retention, increase adherence, and lower complications for total knee replacement. 

Team Members:
Lauren D'Souza | MBA Candidate, Tepper School of Business
Will Kaigler | I-Corps Mentor

Kent Parker logo

Kent Parker

Kent Parker is a web app that services the media industry by being a search engine for journalists and media outlets looking for hard and soft news stories from companies and other newsmakers that would be beneficial to their viewers, listeners, readers, and other subscribers. Additionally, Kent Parker allows journalists to quickly educate themselves on a company and communicate with their key stakeholders through messaging and feedback allowing for increased transparency and accuracy. 

Team Members:
Jamar Thrasher | Alumnus, Heinz College
Joshua Lawrence | Alumnus, Heinz College
Pawan Khera| Adjunct Faculty, Heinz College
Bolin Song |Alumna, CMU Heinz College
Kit Needham | I-Corps Mentor

[ N - Z ]

Optipik logo


Optipik helps real estate owners, hosts, and property managers maximize their visual content and property images. Optipik's activation score system, based on machine learning technology, classifies, ranks, optimizes, and connects photos to demand. 

Team Members:
Luis Garcia | MBA Candidate, Tepper School of Business
Dokyun Lee | Assistant Professor, Tepper School of Business
Zhaoqi Cheng | Back End Developer | Graduate student, Carnegie Mellon University
Bryan Jangro | Business Development Associate | Undergraduate student, Tepper School of Business
Emily Newton | Marketing | MBA Candidate, Tepper School of Business
Brian Stump | Business Development | MBA Candidate, Tepper School of Business
Will Kaigler | I-Corps Mentor

Percepsense logo


We built an app that detects potholes and assesses road conditions by crowdsourcing data from vehicles across the city. It creates insightful road condition maps to help civic officials identify and repair damaged roads. 

Team Members:
Umang Bhatt | Product/Engineering Lead | Undergraduate, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Edgar Xi | Modeling Lead | Undergraduate, Statistics and Machine Learning
Shouvik Mani | Undergraduate, Statistics and Machine Learning
J. Zico Kolter | Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department
Robb Myer | I-Corps Mentor

Quick Connections logo

Quick Connections

Quick Connections produces Smart Business Cards also known as QC-Cards. These QC-Cards utilize Near Field Communication technology (NFC) to immediately digitize someone's contact information into a Smart Phone or Tablet. 

Team Members:
Gus Jenkins | Graduate student, Electrical and Computer Engineering & Technology Innovation Management
Adam Blazczak | Alumnus, M.S. Computer Software Engineering
Marc Rosenberg | MBA Candidate, Tepper School of Business
Kit Needham | I-Corps Mentor

Schtudy logo


STEMReady is a summer adaptive learning platform that consists of a 12-week online STEM “bootcamp” program, which begins by students completing a diagnostic baseline test to measure each student’s unique needs to allow for the most efficient and effective STEM learning methods for each student. Students are then paired with STEMReady Certified tutors that help students remediate core Calculus concepts and acclimate to the rigors of college courses. 

Team Members:
Jonathan Dyer | Mechanical Engineering & ETIM Dual Grad Degree Student 
Geno Miller | COO | University Of New Hampshire
Ray Millings | University of New Hampshire
Dave Mawhinney | I-Corps Mentor