Carnegie Mellon University
Spring 2011

CourseSpring 2011 Course

Art 60-449, Experimental Talk Show Lab

10.0 units, Thursdays  01:30PM -04:20PM
Co-taught by: Wendy Arons (School of Drama) and Jon Rubin(School of Art)

Students in this class will be working with local community members to push the boundaries of live broadcast performance. The class will use the interactive dynamics of The Waffle Shop, a neighborhood restaurant that produces and broadcasts a live-streaming performance show with its customers and community members as an experimental platform and lab. Students will conceptualize, script, produce, direct, and sometimes perform with a wide range of community partners who want to develop shows for the Waffle Shop stage including a zoologist, a heavy metal meets Dungeons and Dragons band, a club owner's bizarre alter-ego, a hip-hop youth program, a chef, a hair dresser, an ex-marine, a political action group, and more. This is a truly interdisciplinary class and students from throughout the university, in addition to the School of Art and the School of Drama, are encouraged to enroll.