Carnegie Mellon University

Flute Traditions

The Indigenous Knowledge, Cultures, and Futurities Series

October 4, 7:00pm

Free and open to the public
At the Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion
(Cohon University Center)

Native American flute is a ubiquitous sound in film, television, and commercials, used any time one wants to conjure stereotyped images of stoic Indigenous figures. We are invited to move beyond the stereotypes and learn more about various flutes and flute songs practiced by Indigenous Peoples across the continent.

Lee and Earl Dingus from the Echoes of the Four Directions will demonstrate Native American flute traditions and discuss other Indigenous cultural practices.

From their website: “Echoes of the Four Directions is a coming together of Native American Indian individuals from various tribes for the purpose of Providing American Indians and non-native American Indians information and education in regards to Native American Indians and our culture.”

Co-sponsored by the Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion