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Paul Gravett - Change and the World of Comics

March 26, 2020

Paul Gravett - Change and the World of Comics

Paul Gravett  Change and the World of Comics, 2020
1 hour

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Paul Gravette, who was originally scheduled to be part of the CAS 'Resistance at the End of the World Series,' presents this video from a public (outdoor!) panel during the Kolkata Literary Meet in India this January. He is joined by Pinaki De from Jadavur University and Dan Raeburn from University of Chicago to discuss ‘Change and the World of Comics’. 
The video runs for just over an hour. There are some technical problems in the first few minutes, but stick with it. It touches on some of the many issues and possibilities about how comics have been changing and may evolve further in the future.

Video courtesy of the Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet 2020
Image: This is the best the end of the world gets!’ (from Ben Passmore’s ‘DayGloAyHole #2, 2018)