Carnegie Mellon University

Manuel Ramírez Chicharro

“Afro-Cuban Women: between Democracy and Revolution (1902-1952)” with Manuel Ramírez Chicharro

Monday, March 1 at 12:00pm on Zoom

Dr. Manuel Ramírez Chicharro is a visiting scholar in the University Research Institute for Latin American Studies at the University of Alcalá and a member of the Comparative Studies Group of the Caribbean and the Atlantic World at the Spanish National Research Council. His research focuses on the status of Afro-Cuban women during the Cuban Republic, how they challenged a non-inclusive democracy, and how they shaped more radical state-building projects in Cuba. Chicharro researches how Black, mulatto, and white women actively advanced the suffrage movement, but also how white feminists did not include Afro-Cuban women in national processes by not considering their struggle against both gender and racial discrimination. He argues that Afro-Cuban women had to struggle for recognition not just against a racist and male-dominated political environment, but also against their middle-class, white feminist colleagues. Ramírez Chicharro is the author of two award-winning books published in 2019: Más allá del sufragismo. Las mujeres cubanas en la democratización de Cuba (1933-1952) [Beyond Suffrage: Cuban Women and Democracy in Cuba (1933- 1952)] and Llamada a las armas. Las mujeres en la revolución cubana (1952- 1959) [A Call to Arms: Women in the Cuban Revolution (1952-1959)]. 

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