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KIDS by Playables

April 17, 2020

KIDS by Playables

KIDS by Playables
Approximately 30-minute-long experience

kids-animate.gifKIDS is a game of crowds. It consists of a series of strange, curiously hypnotic interactive vignettes about crowds of people and how they coexist.

"What 'Kids' reveals to us isn’t meant to be silly or sad at all… It lingers long after its conclusion. Humans, it says, are dangerous little buggers. By stripping most of its characters of a voice, “Kids” wants us to contemplate our own." Todd Martens, Game Critic, Los Angeles Times.

KIDS is available as a free download, courtesy of Playables

KIDS is available as a free download, courtesy of Playables, to the readers of The Center for the Arts in Social Distancing until April 24th, 2020 at this link or by clicking the image above.
After that a video link of some of the game play is available on the KIDS website.

KIDS premiered in February 2019 at the Museum of Digital Arts (MuDA) in Zurich. It is co-produced by Playables, SRG SSR and Arte and published in collaboration with Double Fine Presents for mobile devices and computers. Playables is a production company based in Zurich, Switzerland. It was founded by experimental filmmaker Michael Frei and game designer Mario von Rickenbach. Website: