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Artists and Scholars At Risk (ASAR) Program

Program Parameters and Scope

CMU’s Artists and Scholars At Risk (ASAR) Program provides a safe environment for artists, writers, and scholars in the humanities and arts to pursue their work.

CMU’s sponsorship continues for a period up to three years; the length of initial sponsorship (one or two years, usually) will be determined in part by the partnering organization and other factors. CMU sponsorship includes a competitive salary with insurance and other benefits, personalized assistance with orientation and adjustment, and programmatic support for scholarly endeavors. A formal offer letter will be issued.

From the time of arrival, CMU faculty mentors engage with artists and scholars to explore meaningful connections to relevant intellectual or artistic communities at CMU and in Pittsburgh, as well as planning for next steps following their time at CMU. At the end of the sponsorship period, scholars seek placement elsewhere or (if appropriate) return to the home country or region.


Scholars must meet eligibility requirements set by CMU's ASAR Steering Committee and by CMU’s partner organizations. Some persons with permanent residency outside of their home country will be ineligible, depending on circumstances.

Note: U.S. Citizens and permanent residents of the U.S. are ineligible.

CMU’s Selection Criteria

CMU’s ASAR program supports artists, writers, and scholars in the humanities in academic fields which are offered to CMU students by CMU faculty. So, in addition to our partner organization’s eligibility criteria, CMU ASAR has its own selection process to meet CMU program goals.

The Committee reserves the right to check credentials and accounts of the risks faced. Sponsorships typically are awarded for the following (upcoming) academic year. Sponsorships will not be deferred or reserved for persons who decline the fellowship, elect not to come, or are unable to come; such persons are allowed to apply again, at a later time, if interested.