Carnegie Mellon University

Cooper Verona

April 03, 2020

Cooper Verona - Feel My Love

Cooper Verona - choreographer - Feel My Love.
Performed by Cooper Verona and Victoria Watford

Watch the Performance VideoDuring the first week of no work, I started feeling trapped in my own home.  I had an overflow of creative energy and nowhere to use it.  So, I created something inside of a doorway, a very small space comparative to a theater, to express my feelings of confinement.  But the creation process actually became the antidote for those feelings.  The movement started going outside of the finite space within the doorway.  Energetically, we broke through the physical boundaries of the room.  The finished product does have moments of isolation; but it also has moments of complete connectedness.  When the wall separates us, we hold onto each other anyway.  

Wellness to me is still being able to create art; and with a bit more creativity, we can!