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StatisticsCarnegie Mellon University’s Top-Rated Statistics Department Among Fastest-Growing
According to numbers released by the American Statistical Association (ASA), statistics is the most rapidly increasing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) discipline for undergraduate students, even outpacing computer and information technology-related fields.

And, CMU’s Department of Statistics — a global leader in applying statistics to many areas of science, technology, policy and education — is among the fastest-growing statistics departments.

Students thriveStudents Thrive in First Senior Honors Fellowship Program
Writing a thesis is no small task. And, seniors in the Senior Honors Program typically research and write their theses during their final year – at the same time that they are taking classes, participating in internships and planning their next steps.

In order to give select students a head start on their theses development, the Dietrich College introduced the Senior Honors Fellowship Program last year. Four outstanding then-juniors took part in the program’s first offering and are now, months away from graduation and putting the finishing touches on their projects, which ranged from relationship research to anthropology and ethnography studies.

U.S. & CubaU.S. & Cuba: Hispanic Studies Professor Optimistic About Renewed Relations
Change doesn’t happen overnight, especially if you’re talking about two neighbors who haven’t spoken to each other in more than 50 years.

But Cuban-born Kenya Dworkin, a professor of Hispanic Studies at Carnegie Mellon, is optimistic about the possibilities between Cuba and the U.S., now that President Barack Obama has begun to re-establish diplomatic relations with the island nation.

MindfulnessResearchers Reveal How Mindfulness Training Affects Health
Psychology Professor J. David Creswell and graduate student Emily K. Lindsay have developed a model suggesting that mindfulness influences health via stress reduction pathways. Their work, published in “Current Directions in Psychological Science,” describes the biological pathways linking mindfulness training with reduced stress and stress-related disease outcomes.

TouchscreenBringing Texture to Flat Touchscreens: New Insight Into How Brain Understands Data From Fingers
Roberta Klatzky, the Charles J. Queenan Jr. Professor of Psychology and Human Computer Interaction, was part of a team that developed a new mathematical model and experimental results on "haptic illusions” that could one day lead to flatscreen displays featuring active touchback technology, such as making your touchscreen’s keyboard actually feel like a keyboard.

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What is the Dietrich College?

Carnegie Mellon University’s Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences is no ordinary liberal arts school. From creative writing and neuroscience to behavioral economics and bioethics, the Dietrich College is home to eight departments as well as many programs and research centers that often cross disciplines to solve real-world problems.

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