Carnegie Mellon University
February 01, 2016

Performing Place, Performing Peace

Space, Place and Conflict Transformation in Northern Ireland

Performing Place, Performing Peace

CAS Speaker Series Presents:

Tom Maguire
Senior Lecturer in Theater Studies at University of Ulster

Since the Belfast Agreement of 1998, Northern Ireland has been undergoing a transformation into an uneasy and unfolding peace. A significant aspect of the transformation from thirty years of violent conflict to the current cold peace has been the ways in which space has been renegotiated but also remains an area of serious contention. By looking at the ways in which place is produced through forms of performed behaviour, this lecture examines how performance has contributed both to the manifestation of conflict and to the development of peace. Three broad approaches will be identified: the ways in which space has been represented within performance: the ways in which performances have created shared heterogenuous spaces; and the ways in which performances can be used to manage dissonant spaces or contested sites.

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Monday, February 1, 2016
4:30pm – 6pm
Porter Hall 100