Carnegie Mellon University

Anne Bogart: Towards a Theater 2.0

CAS Speakers Series

January 19, 2022
4-5:30 PM

As we emerge from a long pandemic cesura, we find ourselves in situations that require us to change our postures, our attitudes, and our means and methods.  There are highly justified calls for equity, for “decolonizing the rehearsal room,” for dismantling institutional racism, for less hierarchical practices, for kinder work conditions.  Many suggest that a return to theater-making and theatergoing requires the creation of a “Theater 2.0”.  There is a great deal to unpack and to reconsider. Can we shift focus and rethink the models that we inherited? What are the pressing subjects to address on the stage?  Amidst the current cultural and political uncertainty, how can the theater contribute to the ongoing conversation?

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